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Purple clay teapots are typically used to brew oolong, green, or white tea.
Brewing tea in a purple clay teapot not only keeps the tea warm for a longer period of time but also enables the tea to be fragrant and long-lasting. It is a great utensil for teapot brewing and is convenient to use as it won’t burn your hands. Nevertheless, there is an art to it and not all types of tea are suitable for brewing in a purple clay teapot. So, what kind of tea can you generally brew in a purple clay teapot? Let’s find out.

Generally, what tea is brewed in a purple clay pot?

A purple clay pot is best for making black tea, Pu’er tea, Oolong tea and so on. Generally speaking, purple clay pots are not picky about the type of tea leaves, any kind of tea can be brewed with a purple clay pot, but the characteristics of the pot must match those of the tea in order to produce the best tasting tea.

Different purple sand teapots are suitable for tea leaves to brew.

Duan Ni, Ben Shan green, light-colored Tianxing clay pot, light-colored cyan ash clay and clear water clay pot absolutely can not be used to brew red tea, Pu’er tea and black tea, especially Ben Shan green and Duan Ni. After boiling black tea in them, the walls of the pots will absorb the black tea stain, resulting in artificial spitting black.

The red and purple clay teapot: all four types of tea can be used, with oolong tea like Tieguanyin being best.

The small mouth of the pot is not suitable for Tieguanyin tea.

4.The pot with a bottom groove and low-temperature firing is made of clean water mud, which is suitable for any tea.

Dark star mud and dark cyan ash pot are more suitable for red tea.

6.Purple clay pots of ordinary and dark color: Pu’er, black tea and red tea are better for growth in comparison, while other teas can also be grown.

Seven: A large capacity pot is not suitable for making green tea.

Small capacity pots: More suitable for brewing green tea.

9, Duan Ni, light-colored mud: Biluochun and Longjing teas are more suitable than Maojian.

10. A teapot with a wide mouth is more suitable for making Iron Goddess Oolong tea.

Steps for Making Tea with a Purple Clay Teapot:
1. Rinse the teapot with hot water.
2. Fill the teapot about one-third full of tea leaves or loose tea.
3. Pour boiling hot water into the teapot to just below its lid, making sure to warm up all of the surfaces inside as well.
4. After 15 seconds, pour out the water and discard it.
5. Re-fill the teapot with boiling hot water and steep for desired amount of time depending on the type of tea you are using (usually 2-3 minutes).
6. Pour into cups and enjoy your tea!

Thermos flask and cup.

When brewing tea, the teapot and teacup should both be scalded with hot water. This not only cleanses the pot, but also removes mildew, and warms the pot while awakening its aroma. Immersing everything inside and out prevents dirt from accumulating due to frequent tea brewing, and removes impurities that may be harmful to one’s health.

Pouring tea

First of all, select the tea. Put about one-fifth of the amount of tea into the teapot. The amount of tea should be controlled properly; too much and it will be too strong, too little and there will be no taste.

Wash the tea.

Next, pour hot water into the teapot and immediately pour it out. If foam appears, scrub it off gently with the lid of the pot. This is also called washing tea. The purpose is to filter out the unclean substances on the surface of the tea leaves.

Drink tea by making tea with hot water.

Then re-infuse it with appropriate boiling water, green tea at 80°C is suitable, while red tea, pu’er tea, oolong and tou teas are suitable at 90~100°C. The steeping time is affected by many factors such as the type of tea, the amount of leaves used, the water temperature and the capacity of the pot.

The teapot is back in its place.

After using, take out the lid of the pot, with the bottom of the pot facing upwards and the mouth of the pot facing down to naturally air-dry.

The above content is introduced here. It is better to choose a suitable tea for making tea with purple sand teapot and it is best to use one teapot for one kind of tea, rather than using the same teapot for different kinds of tea.