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Covering bowls are familiar to everyone, and are often used to make tea. It’s easy to learn how to make tea with a covering bowl, and there are many kinds of tea leaves you can use. Both men and women can use it for making tea. Now let’s take a look at the technique of women making tea with a covering bowl.

A woman makes tea by covering a cup with her hands?

The Three-Finger Method

The most commonly used method of holding a bowl with a lid at present is to hold it with three fingers, called the three-finger method; because this method looks more elegant and gentle, so many women like to use this method.

The top of the lid has a knurled knob, which is where we grab when opening the lid. When pouring out soup, adjust the size of the lid opening, place your index finger on the knob, grasp both sides of the bowl with your thumb and middle finger, bend your ring finger and little finger and put them next to your middle finger without touching the lid, then turn the lid vertically and you can pour out soup.

Pay attention, the index finger and the pinky must not be raised up. This is a great taboo in tea ceremony, making it seem frivolous. If this way of handling the teacup is not done correctly, it may cause scalding, so one needs to practice to find the right position.

What size bowl should a woman use?

Women’s hands are small, so they need a small and delicate teaware. The size of the lid bowl should not exceed 150ml. Therefore, the most suitable size is 100-150ml. Of course, it can be smaller, that is 80ml, this specification of the lid bowl also exists. How big is the 150ml size lid bowl? About 9cm in diameter at the cup mouth and about 8cm in height. It is suggested that women use a slightly smaller one, 120ml which is the most suitable. This size of lid bowl is moderate. If it is made of thin porcelain, then it will not be too heavy to hold and won’t burn your hand, which is the best choice.

The technique of using a lid to make tea without burning your hands.

Cover the bowl with a selection.

The distance between the rim of the bowl and the lid is narrow, making it easy for tea to spill over. The heat around the rim of the bowl would also increase, burning one’s hands. A wide-rimmed bowl would not cause this problem, just like a teacup.

Water should not be taken in excess.

Place the tea leaves into the lid of the bowl, and pour in just enough water so that it covers the tea leaves. Do not add too much water as that may scald your hands.

tactic of giving up something to gain something else

The gesture to lift the lid of the bowl should not be crooked, and let the tea water slowly flow down along the fair cup. This way, the tea won’t touch your hand and get scalded. Keep the lid and the fair cup vertically aligned, and don’t grip the edge of the lid with too much force. The tighter you hold it, the more tense you will become. Relax a bit.

This concludes the introduction of using a lid-covered teacup to steep tea. Pay attention to methods and techniques, so as not to scald oneself. Especially for women who are using lid-covered teacups for the first time, be careful when steeping and follow the correct steps.