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A teacup is a vessel for holding tea and the water comes from a teapot, poured into the cup and then served to the guests. Teacups come in two sizes: small cups are mainly used for tasting oolong tea and are also called tasting cups, which are used with aroma cups.

As the name implies, it is of course tea sets for drinking tea. When drinking tea, small cups are called “tasting cups”. There are many kinds of tasting cups: porcelain tasting cups, pottery tasting cups, purple sand tasting cups and glass tasting cups. Each kind of tasting cup has a special shape and especially on the tire surface there will be colorful paintings and texts which make them even more colorful and attractive, very likable.

In tea art, the tasting cup is mostly used for tasting tea. The contents of the teacup are numerous, which can be a cup for drinking tea, or a cup for brewing tea. In general, the tasting cup belongs to cups and it is a special piece of tea ware for drinking tea.

The purpose of a tea cup is to hold tea while drinking.

A tasting cup, used to taste tea and observe the soup color. Therefore, such tasting cups are mostly made of white porcelain, purple sand or glass.

The fragrant cup has a slender shape compared to the tasting cup. It is usually used as a set with the tasting cup. The advantages of using it are: one is that it has good heat preservation effect, which can make the tea retain more heat for a period of time, and the drinker can also hold the neck of the cup to warm his hands for a while; two is that the aroma of tea will be released slowly, so that the drinker can enjoy its taste. Now let me brew you all a good tea with both tasting cups and fragrant cups!

First, use a warm cup and water for washing Puer tea cups and scent cups. After the first infusion of tea soup is ready, pour out the water.

Empty the warm water from the teacup. Then pour the tea soup into the fragrant cup, taking care to fill it seven-tenths full. (Seven-tenths for tea soup, three-tenths for friendship. An old saying goes: ‘Filling a cup of tea too full is deceiving friends.’ If you fill a cup of tea too full for me, it’s too much deception; if you fill a cup of tea too full for yourself, it’s both self-deception and deceiving others! – Zhou Jin).

Before tipping the teacup to the sniffing cup, make sure to dry off the moisture of the bottom of the cup.

Pour the tea cup onto the aroma cup. It is called “dragon and phoenix auspicious” or “Husband-Wife Unity”.

Then flip the attached cup over. It’s called “Carp Turning Over”. Of course, everyone can also flip the cup with one hand, which is called “White Crane Spreads its Wings”.

Raise your cup in a toast to the tea.

Take the scent cup out of the tea tasting cup. When taking out, hold the tea tasting cup with your left hand and remember to scoop away the tea soup on the lip of the scent cup (it’s not good to have tea soup dripping on your clothes!).

Smelling the aroma. After smelling the scent, everyone can take up the teacup for tasting. When tasting, use the correct gesture to hold the cup.

Ladies Holding a Cup Gesture: Hold the cup with your right hand, pinch it with your thumb and forefinger, support the bottom of the cup with your middle finger, and spread out your little fingers.

The gentleman’s cup holding gesture: right hand holds the cup, thumb and index finger hold the cup, middle finger supports the bottom of the cup, gentlemen should not spread out his orchid fingers. This kind of cup holding gesture is called “three dragons guarding the tripod”, three fingers are known as “three dragons” and the teacup is like a tripod.