black tea vs green tea
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According to modern tea classification methods, green tea and black tea are one of the six basic teas in China. Whether it is processing technology, style characteristics, or taste … there are two teas with very different styles and clear lines.

Effects of drinking black tea

  1. Strong bones
  2. Black tea is rich in potassium. Although potassium is not a water-soluble vitamin, it cannot be completely dissolved in water, but 70% of potassium is soluble in water. Potassium can enhance blood circulation and reduce calcium consumption. And black tea also contains manganese, which is one of the essential elements for bone growth, so drinking black tea often can strengthen bones.

  3. Prevent flu
  4. There is an old saying that when the disease starts from the mouth, we “eat” the virus into the stomach and we get sick. The flu virus is the same, and black tea can kill the flu virus, so you can rinse your mouth with black tea or drink more black tea during the flu season.

  5. Prevent skin cancer

Scientists have found that people who drink black tea often have a much lower chance of developing skin cancer than people who do not drink black tea. So drinking black tea can also prevent skin cancer.

Effects of drinking green tea

  1. Help to delay aging
  2. free radicals increasing are the main cause of human aging. The tea polyphenols contained in green tea have a very good effect of scavenging free radicals, so drinking green tea can delay aging.

  3. Help to suppress cardiovascular disease

In addition to scavenging free radicals and delaying aging, tea polyphenols also play an important role in promoting fat excretion from the body. Because if the fat can’t be excreted from the body and attached to the inner wall of blood vessels, it can easily cause cardiovascular disease.

If green tea is soft and water-like in the deep waters of the Jiangnan water town, the aura is compelling green fairy, then black tea is the lady of beautiful beauty looking forward to the boudoir in the deep palace courtyard.

A fresh and pleasant, and refined, a mature charm, bright and moving.

Green tea advocates tenderness and freshness, and it has a delicate and refreshing sip even if it has a variety of shapes.

Green tea can be fried, roasted, sun-dried, and steamable. The aroma is fried chestnut, bean, fragrant, floral, and scented … The shape is thin and round and straight like a needle, and flat and smooth like a flag gun. Straight like a tongue, with slender curls like snails … The green tea categories that everyone knows are: West Lake Longjing, Dongting Biluochun, Lu’an Guapian, Huangshan Maofeng … and so on.

Black tea, on the other hand, is fragrant and sweet, and is mainly whole shaped and part shaped tea. The aroma is characterized by its unique floral, fruit floral, and honey scent … these aromas are mostly black or yellow, or black and yellow. The famous black tea categories are: Lapsang Souchong, Dianhong, Qihong, Ninghong, etc.

To say that the real difference between green tea and black tea lies in whether the process is fermented.

Green tea belongs to unfermented tea. Until the point of processing, high-temperature rapid passivation of the activities of various enzymes in fresh leaves, evaporates some of the water, prevents the tea from continuing to oxidize, and retains the most natural types of tea such as catechins. substance. Therefore, green tea generally has the characteristics of “beautiful shape, green color, mellow taste, and fragrance”.

When making black tea, the fresh leaves wither and then enter the key “fermentation” link. In contrast to green tea’s prevention of oxidation, black tea promotes oxidation, allowing polyphenols to be converted into theaflavin, thearubin, and theabrownin, which fundamentally change the appearance and inner quality of tea, forming a “red soup “Red leaves” characteristics.

In theory, the fresh leaves of any tea tree species can be made into six major teas according to different processing techniques. But in fact, tea has obvious regional characteristics, which is deeply affected by factors such as the local traditional cultural atmosphere, the history of drinking, and the consumer market. West Lake Longjing green tea is generally not made into West Lake black tea, and Wuyishan Zhengshan race is generally not converted into Wuyishan green tea.

Regarding the difference between green tea and black tea, tea friends also need to know the following two points:

  • Green tea is more artistic than black tea.
  • Green tea is habitually brewed in glass without a lid. You can admire its fluttering and graceful posture, feel the beauty of the seasons, and have a full artistic sense.

  • Black tea is more “international” than green tea.
  • Since the end of the 16th century and the beginning of the 17th century, black tea has been the most successful international tea among the six major teas in China, and it is also the most widely accepted tea in the world.

    In short, green tea and black tea are not good or bad, but two different teas with different styles and characteristics.

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