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Can a glass cup be used for making tea? Yes, a glass cup is suitable for making tea. Using a transparent glass cup to brew delicate tea allows people to observe the slow expansion, movement and transformation of tea in water which is usually referred to as “tea dance”. Glass cups are also commonly used utensils for making tea.

Method for Brewing Tea in a Glass Cup:
1. Boil some water and let it cool for a few minutes.
2. Place loose tea leaves or a tea bag into the glass cup.
3. Pour the cooled boiled water into the cup with the tea leaves or bag and let it steep for about 3-5 minutes.
4. Remove the tea leaves or bag from the cup and enjoy your hot tea!

Brewing tea with a glass cup is also an art. Generally, there are three methods: top pouring method, middle pouring method, and bottom pouring method.

The upcasting method

First use boiling water to warm the cup, then pour hot water of suitable temperature into the cup until it is seven tenths full before adding the tea leaves. This is mainly for high grade green teas such as Biluochun and Longjing.

Two-Stage Investment Method

First, use hot water to warm the cup, then pour in one third of water at an appropriate temperature. Put the tea in and let it soak completely. Finally, fill the cup with seven-tenths of water. This is mainly for teas that can be used for tea dancing, such as Junshan Silver Needle (Note: Junshan Silver Needle belongs to yellow tea).

Downward casting method

First, use hot water to warm the cup, add tea leaves, and then fill the cup up to seven-tenths full with water. This is primarily used for coarse and old teas with large leaves, such as Tai Ping Hou Kui.

The benefits of brewing tea in a glass cup:
1. The true flavor of the tea can be fully experienced.
2. The color of the tea can be seen clearly and enjoyed.
3. Aromas are not covered up, allowing them to be savored.
4. Heat dissipates faster through glass than most other materials, preventing burned hands and tongues.

Glass tea utensils are transparent and bright. When making tea with glass tea utensils, people can also appreciate the beautiful shape of tea leaves in the utensils, so glass tea utensils for making tea are becoming more and more popular. Glass tea utensils are made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass blowing, and no organic chemicals are present in the firing process. When people drink water or other beverages in glass cups, they need not worry about chemicals being drunk into their stomachs. Moreover, the glass surface is smooth and easy to clean, bacteria and dirt are not easy to breed on cup walls, so it is healthy and safe to drink water with glass utensils.

Among all the glass teawares, the most common one is the teacup. When brewing tea with a teacup, one can clearly see the color of the tea soup, shapes of tea leaves and their floating and sinking in water. Therefore, it is very appreciative to brew fine teas with glass teacups.

Glass teaware is mainly suitable for brewing tea such as chrysanthemum, black tea, green tea, pu’er tea, fruit tea, health-care tea and craft flower tea. It also includes coffee series and has high ornamental and entertaining value. If you like appreciating the color of brewed tea soup, the shape of the tea leaves, and the floating and drifting scene when brewing, glass teaware is your best choice.