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Among the many tea sets, the covering bowl is a widely used one. I believe many people like to drink tea with a covering bowl in their daily lives. There are many ways to make tea with a covering bowl, including drinking directly from it and making soup after brewing tea. Therefore, it is possible to drink tea directly from the covering bowl. To do so, first warm wash it with boiling water and add about 2g of tea leaves. Then pour boiling water over it and enjoy your tea!

Cover the cup and drink tea.

Cover the teacup with its lid, the cup itself and its saucer should not be used separately, otherwise it is neither polite nor aesthetically pleasing.

When drinking, lift the lid of the bowl and smell the fragrance of the lid first, then smell the aroma of tea.

When drinking, use the bowl cover to stir the tea leaves floating in the tea soup, and then drink it.

In some parts of Southern Fujian, tea is usually brewed in a covered bowl and poured out into portions; while in the Northern regions, it is usually consumed directly after brewing in a covered bowl.

The benefits of steeping tea in a covered cup are:
– Enhances the flavor as it seals in the aroma of the tea leaves
– Keeps tea warmer for longer periods of time
– Prevents spills and messes

Cover bowls have a wide range of applications. As we all know, sometimes the equipment needed for different kinds of tea is also different. Even the purple sand pot, which we regard as a good hand for brewing tea, has double-hole structure characteristics that will absorb the taste of tea and affect the taste. The porcelain material of the cover bowl will not absorb the flavor, which is more widely used than the purple sand pot.

The glaze of the lid bowl is fine. Although this structure can not bring out the characteristics of tea, it can highlight the advantages and disadvantages of tea itself. With a lid bowl, you can clearly judge the tea nature and taste of tea, so that there will be no cross-taste affecting your own judgment like other teapots.

Covering the bowl to make tea is simple and convenient. Compared to a whole set of teapots, fair cups and other complicated items, making tea with a covered bowl only requires a kettle, a covered bowl and tea leaves. However, if you are particular about drinking tea, other tea accessories can also be added. It can be simple or complicated, flexible and convenient.

4. Practical and reliable to use. The bowl lid is large and small, so it will not slide when drinking tea. The special design can make people stable when drinking tea, and it is also not easy to burn your hands.

When selecting a cover bowl, one should first consider cups made of thin porcelain, which helps to keep the heat from escaping and increases the aromatic properties and taste of the tea. Generally speaking, cover bowls of 130-145 ml are preferred for their lightweight and ease of handling. Additionally, attention should be paid to the outwardly extending curves of the bowl mouth, lid knob, and cup mouth.