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A new purple sand pot/cup, coming from the kiln, will have some substances in the house for burning purple sand pots (e.g. aluminum powder) and small particles of purple sand, etc. So how to kill the purple sand cup/pot is very important.

New purple sand cups how to kill life?

This question does not make sense. Purple sand cups do not have the ability to kill anything.

First rinse with clean water, both inside and outside the faucet; put in hot water (rest assured, purple sand will not burst due to temperature difference); cover with lid; observe that when the body of the pot changes from wet to dry, out comes hot water; pour in hot water repeatedly until you feel it is almost done; if you choose a certain tea (like black tea), then after cleaning the pot, put it in the pot (the water can overflow the teapot); add more black tea (30-50g), boil the pot; after boiling, turn to low heat for 1 hour and then turn off the fire; wait until it cools naturally, repeat twice; after naturally cooling, take out the pot, wipe off the body of the pot, and it is ready.

Maintaining a Purple Clay Teapot/Cup:

1. Rinse the teapot or cup with boiling water before use.

2. Use tea or warm water for washing and avoid using soap or detergent.

3. Do not place in direct sunlight or near a heat source such as a stove.

4. Do not scrub with a hard brush as this may damage the surface of the teapot or cup.

5. After washing, dry off any remaining water on the surface with a soft cloth or paper towel.

The “bao kou” method. Some people believe that by pouring more water on the teapot, they can absorb more nutrients, so when making tea, they pour the tea juice on the teapot and do not clean or brush it. Over time, the surface of the teapot will be covered with a layer of tea scale, becoming greasy and ugly.

Dry rubbing method. When making tea, pour the tea juice on the pot body when it is hot, and then wipe it with a dry tea cloth after the tea juice has been poured out. The pot cultivated in this way becomes brighter quickly, but once it is cultivated, it is most afraid of people’s hands and water vapor. Once it touches the pot surface, the luster cultivated will easily fade, resulting in uneven luster on the pot surface.

Wet wiping. When the body of the teapot is warm, use a tea cloth to wipe it with tea water, just like polishing shoes. Layer by layer of tea juice should be wiped on the surface. After using this method, if it is not used for more than half a year, the luster will gradually fade away.

4. Brushing Method. When making tea, pour the tea water onto the teapot. While the pot is still hot, use a brush or small brush to diligently brush and scrub the teapot so that the tea juice is evenly spread on it. This is also a kind of fake glaze.

Use detergent or any chemical agent to wash the purple clay teapot. This will remove the tea flavor and make the pot lose its luster.

Store the tea residue in the pot for a long time to nourish the pot. Although purple sand teapot has a saying of unreservedly, after a period of time, it will still have an unpleasant smell, especially in summer this method is not appropriate.