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The surface of the lid bowl is smooth and tight, does not absorb taste, and will not mix flavors at all, making it a common tea ware for brewing tea. It is widely applicable and can be used to brew many types of tea. So, do you know how to use a lid bowl? Let’s take a look at the correct gestures for picking up a lid bowl.

Correct Ways to Hold a Bowl:
1. Take the bowl with both hands, using your thumb and index finger on the edge of the bowl.
2. Place your hands together in a V-shape, thumbs away from each other, with the bottom of the bowl resting on your fingers.
3. Hold the bowl in your left hand, supported by your right hand underneath it.

Three Finger Method

Using three fingers to hold a lid of a bowl is the most common way, which can be called “Three-Finger Method”. This method is simple and easy for beginners to learn quickly.

1. Take out the product and read the instructions carefully.
2. Prepare all necessary tools and equipment.
3. Follow the steps specified in the instructions to assemble the product correctly.
4. Enjoy using your newly assembled product!

When pouring soup, adjust the opening size of the lid first to an appropriate size. Put your index finger on the lid knob, hold both sides of the bowl with your thumb and middle finger, and bend your ring finger and little finger aside next to the middle finger without directly touching the bowl. Otherwise, it will be scalding. Hold the lid vertically and then you can pour out the soup.

Pay attention not to point one’s finger at orchids, otherwise it appears seductive and not aesthetically pleasing.

The bowl technique

Few people use the grab-the-bowl method because it is hot to grab the whole bowl, difficult to master, and not easy for beginners. The grab-the-bowl method is grand and magnificent. If you like this style, you might as well try it.

1. Unpack the product carefully.
2. Follow the instructions for assembly and use.
3. Make sure all safety precautions are observed when operating the product.

First step: Pick up the lid of the bowl with your left hand and adjust the size of the opening. Place your thumb on the knob of the lid, and hold the bottom rim of the lid with your other fingers. Do not touch the body of the bowl, or it may be hot.

Step Two: Release the left hand while holding the bowl vertically, with the lid facing towards oneself, and the bottom of the bowl facing away from oneself. Then, the soup will be ready to serve.

Technique for getting a bowl cover:
1. Lightly place your fingers around the edges of the bowl cover.
2. Gently lift the cover off without jostling or shaking it too much.
3. Make sure to keep your fingers in contact with the sides of the lid as you remove it.

If the lid button is deeply indented, it will be hot when you “dig” your index finger in, so you can press your finger across the lid button.

Try to grab the bowl from the edge of it with your fingers, and avoid having your ring finger and pinky directly touching the sides of the bowl.

Open the lid wider to pour out the soup faster, so you won’t get burned. If you are worried about spilling tea leaves, you can use a tea infuser.

Instructions for Using Bowl Covers:
1. Make sure that the bowl is clean and dry before covering with the lid.
2. Ensure that the bowl is completely cool before putting on the lid.
3. Avoid overheating lids as this can cause them to warp or crack.
4. When reheating food, make sure not to leave the lid on for too long so it does not get too hot.

Don’t select bowls with thick covers.

Although this kind of lid is good at heat insulation, the heat dissipation is slow, which easily causes the tea to be covered and suffocated. Moreover, the lids with thicker bowl are usually of larger capacity, which makes it hard and inconvenient for small-handed women to make tea.

Choose a bowl with a thinner body and lid.

The capacity is between 110 ml and 120 ml, with the edge of the cover opened outward, and the body of the bowl thin. It is much lighter when held in hand than a bowl with a thicker body.

Control the amount of water added

Fill the bowl to the height of a half-finger width from the rim.

To properly cover the bowl.

Tilt the lid to create an exit for the liquid, neither too big nor too small, and choose an angle that fits just right. Put your index finger on the lid knob, with your thumb and middle finger holding both edges of the lid bowl. Grip the bowl firmly and then pour out the soup. Pour the tea soup vertically into a fair cup.

You should use the lid correctly to avoid scalding, especially when it comes to people making tea for the first time. Knowing how to make tea with a lid is important in order to prevent injury.