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Although making tea with a covered cup is simple and easy to learn, it is often easy to burn your hands if you are not careful. Especially for novice tea makers, if they don’t know some brewing techniques, most people will burn their hands when making tea. So how can you make tea with a covered cup without burning your hands?

How can I keep from burning my hands when I cover the cup with a lid while the tea is steeping?

Do not choose a bowl with a thick lid.

Although such a cup lid has good heat insulation effect, it has slow heat dissipation and is prone to make tea stuffy. Moreover, the lids of thick cups usually have larger capacity, which makes them heavy and inconvenient for small-handed women to make tea.

Choose a bowl with a thin lid.

The capacity is between 110ml-120ml, the rim of the bowl is open outward and the body of the bowl is thin. It’s much lighter when you pick it up compared to a thicker body bowl.

Control of water injection

Pour in water until the bowl rim is half a finger away from the lid.

Correctly take the lid off the bowl.

Tilt the lid to create a pouring spout, not too big or too small; select an angle that is just right. Put your index finger on the knob, with your thumb and middle finger gripping both ends of the lid’s edge. Hold the lid firmly while pouring out the soup; pour the tea into a cup at a perpendicular angle.

The correct way to use a cup to brew tea is: first add tea leaves into the cup, then pour in the hot water, and finally cover the lid. Leave it for a few minutes before drinking.

Brewing Tea: Put in the appropriate amount of tea leaves. Generally, the size of a cup is 140ml, and if you intend to brew only once, it is recommended to put 2g of tea leaves (1.5% of the water volume). You can adjust it slightly according to your preference.

2. Flush with hot water of appropriate temperature.

Time: The above tea-water ratio needs to be steeped for 10 minutes to get an appropriate concentration. After 10 minutes, it is roughly fixed at that concentration, so you can drink it slowly afterwards without the concentration continuing to increase.

4. Drinking: Present tea with a pot. Open the lid, appreciate the aroma steamed from the bottom of the lid, stir up the tea with the lid, appreciate the color of the tea soup and the posture of the spread out tea leaves, and make sure that the concentration of them is even. Put one side of the lid on a slant against the bowl to make a gap that is big enough for water to flow out while keeping out tea sediment. Hold onto the knob of the lid and present it to drink from. In formal occasions, present it with a tray too.

There are some tricks to brewing tea with a cover cup. To avoid scalding your hands when making tea, it is important to master the correct steps and hold the cup properly, then be careful when pouring so that you won’t burn yourself.