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Covering bowl is a type of tea that is suitable for steeping any tea leaves, such as green tea, which can be brewed with a covering bowl instead of only glass cup. So how much tea leaves should be used for steeping green tea in the covering bowl? Let’s find out below.

How much tea leaves should I put in the cup to make green tea?

Due to the slow motion of adding tea with a tea spoon in bowl-infusion method and the continuous soaking of tea leaves in water, it is not recommended to add too much tea even if the bowl is big, otherwise the soup will become too thick and taste bad. For everyday home use, 1-2g of tea leaves would be enough. For those who prefer heavier taste, 3g of tea leaves should be enough.

In fact, for each kind of tea, how much tea to put for a cup of tea, as a tea-loving person, can certainly grasp a most suitable tea pouring amount for their own taste. If you want to drink strong tea, you can add the amount of tea appropriately. If you like to drink light tea, friends can put less tea leaves.

The method to make green tea in a cup is as follows: 1. Boil water, then pour the hot water into a cup. 2. Place a green tea bag in the cup and let it steep for 3-4 minutes. 3. Remove the tea bag and enjoy your green tea!

Warm cup cleaning supplies

Because the color of green tea soup is light, using a light-colored lid bowl can set off its brightness. After preparing the lid bowl, warm the utensils first to increase the temperature of the vessels and release more aroma.

Moderate amount of tea.

Brew general green tea, the ratio of tea to water is roughly 1:50, with a cup capacity of about 170ml, and eight tenths full is roughly 150ml, so the amount of tea leaves should be 3g.

Water temperature control

Since it is brewed with a teacup, which belongs to the category of instant-brew drinks, more water temperature can be added compared to brewing in a glass cup, about 90℃.

Brew a pot of soup.

Brewing with the pour-in method, first put in the tea leaves and agitate to soak up the aroma, then use a Phoenix three-point head technique for pouring in. In less than ten seconds, the soup will be ready.

Enjoy the tea soup.

Uncover the fragrant aroma, experience the fresh and refreshing scent of green tea through your nose; observe the tea soup, a good tea soup is clear and transparent; then drink it, to savor the charm of green tea.

Which is better for steeping green tea, a bowl or a glass cup?

Many friends also say that it is a pity to use a covered bowl to steep green tea and not be able to observe its color, shape, or see the beautiful leaves and soup color. Generally speaking, ordinary green tea can be steeped in a covered bowl while fine green tea should be put into a glass cup or glass-covered bowl. Nowadays, many glass cups have Chinese style too and would look great when steeping green tea.

However, it is known that green tea can be observed in terms of leaf shape and soup when brewed in a glass cup, but for tasting purposes, it is recommended to brew with a lid bowl so that each steep and each layer’s layers can be fully expressed. The layering of the tea is richer.

Additionally, on a fundamental level, brewing green tea in a covered bowl can bring out more of the aroma of the lid and bottom of the bowl. While glass teapots may look more aesthetically pleasing when brewing, it is the comforting aroma experienced when drinking from a covered bowl that truly makes for an enjoyable cup of green tea.