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Is a bowl cover used for making tea or drinking tea? A bowl cover is a Chinese teaware with a cover on top, a tray below and a bowl in the middle. It can be used to make tea as well as for drinking tea directly. Bowl covers are some of the most widely used teaware in daily life.

The steps of making tea in a cup:
1. Boil water in a kettle.
2. Put some loose-leaf tea into the cup.
3. Once the water has boiled, pour it over the tea leaves and let it steep for several minutes.
4. Remove the tealeaves by using a strainer or spoon if desired.
5. Enjoy your tea!

Warm cup

Pour boiling water into the lid of the bowl and then pour the water from the lid into a small teacup. This is done to keep the lid and cup clean and warm when in use.

Put the tea.

Put a moderate amount of tea leaves into the covered cup.


After putting the tea leaves into the cover bowl, pour in the water in a circle shape so that each of the tea leaves can be fully moistened and heated. When pouring water, try not to fill it too full, approximately seven or eight tenths on the wall of the bowl is appropriate. If the water is filled too full, then when pouring tea, it will easily scald one’s fingers due to large area of heat exposure on the sides of the bowl.


Pour water until it is slightly full, then cover with a lid. Before that, use the lid to flip the tea leaves so that each leaf can expand fully.

Pour tea.

Pick up the lid cup with your thumb, index finger and middle finger. Press the middle of the lid cup with your thumb. Grasp the edge of the lid cup with your index finger and middle finger. Lift up the lid cup and tilt it slightly forward. Pour tea slowly into a small teacup. During the Qing Dynasty, there was also a way to drink tea directly from a lid bowl without using a small teacup.

Cover the bowl when drinking tea.

Use a tea cup with its lid, body and base together; otherwise, it will be neither polite nor aesthetically pleasing to separate them.

When drinking tea, first lift the lid of the bowl to smell its fragrance, then smell the scent of tea.

When drinking, use a bowl lid to stir the tea leaves floating in the tea soup and then drink.

In some areas of southern Fujian, tea is usually brewed in a covered bowl and then divided. In northern regions, it is usually brewed in a covered bowl and drunk directly.

Cover bowl is a commonly used teaware in life, suitable for brewing various kinds of tea leaves, also suitable for new learners. Cover bowl can be used to brew tea as well as to drink directly. But be aware that when drinking directly from the cover bowl, it is generally recommended to put 2-3 grams of tea leaves. Too many tea leaves may lead to a bitter taste and mouthfeel.