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Covering bowl is a commonly used teapot for making tea. Using a covering bowl for tea has the advantages of being simple, easy to learn, non-absorbent, quick heat conduction, practical, elegant and beautiful, making it suitable for making tea. So, what kind of tea is suitable for using a covering bowl? Let’s take a look below.

What kind of tea is suitable for brewing in a bowl?

Covering bowls are suitable for brewing various teas, and using covering bowls is the most correct choice for all tea brewing. For example, white tea, raw pu’er, aged pu’er, and even black tea. Even for green tea which is usually brewed in glass cups, it has a special taste when brewed in a covered bowl.

Why is this so? Let’s start by understanding the characteristics of a bowl cover:

The first is that the porcelain used to make bowls does not absorb soup or flavor, making it easier to smell the original aroma. The surface is delicate and smooth, hiding dirt and stains, easy to clean without leaving behind any odors. Therefore, no matter what kind of tea is brewed, it is easy to taste the original aroma.

The second is that the mouth of the bowl is large, which makes it easy to open and close, and when making tea, the angle and position of water inlet, the size and strength of water flow are easy to control.

Thirdly, the brewing can be steeped or filtered, with advantages in terms of time and temperature control and easy observation of the tea leaves. It directly expresses the aroma and taste of the tea, especially green tea; we all know that for green tea it is most suitable to brew with a glass cup because this way we can observe its tea liquor, which is also a feature of covered cups.

Therefore, the cover bowl is almost suitable for all tea leaves, although it is suitable for all, but the most suitable tea leaves for brewing with a cover bowl are recommended to be black tea, oolong tea or white tea.The brewed tea has the best aroma and taste, and it is also convenient for the evaluation of tea leaves.

How to choose a suitable bowl cover?

The bowls chosen should be thin porcelain, so that less heat is absorbed when brewing, the tea temperature will be higher, and it is easier to bring out the aroma of the tea.

It is important to be clear about the capacity of the bowl when purchasing. Bowls with a capacity between 130 and 145 milliliters are most suitable. The bowl is light in weight, which makes it easy to control, even for girls to use easily.

When selecting a bowl cover, in addition to capacity, pay attention to the mouth of the bowl and the button of the cover. Pay attention to the appearance of the bowl cover, the external arc of the cup mouth, that is, the cover which is relatively outwardly bend along the bowl edge.

Cover the bowl with use instructions:

1. Place your hands on either side of the bowl and cover it with your palms.

2. Keep your elbows slightly bent as you bring your hands together, creating an airtight seal around the rim of the bowl.

3. Firmly press down on the top of the bowl to ensure a tight seal.

At first, three fingers are extended and brought close together to lift the lid knob. Pull the lid slightly open to create a slit. Keep the index finger still, move the thumb and middle finger away from each other to both sides, tuck the ring finger and pinky in slightly then lift the lid. When pouring out the soup, slightly loosen your index finger so that the lid automatically opens up and let out the soup.

The height of the index finger and thumb should always be balanced. When pouring out the tea, you can shake the lid slightly. When pouring back, you can hold the bottom of the bowl and then put it on the teacup holder. If there are tea leaves in the lid, you can put the lid aside after pouring out the soup.