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Purple sand pot is not the most widely applicable tea set for making tea, but it is the most exquisite one. If you are a purple sand teapot enthusiast, then remember that personal preference is an important factor in choosing a teapot, but to make sure that the best results are achieved and to reach the level of “tea and pot integration”, it is important to match the tea and teapot scientifically and reasonably.

Tea brewing in purple clay kettles needs to follow the principle of “matching tea with kettles according to the tea, and selecting kettles according to the tea”.

Since its inception, purple sand teapot has been widely welcomed by tea drinkers for its many advantages and benefits of brewing tea. However, not all teas are suitable for brewing with a purple sand teapot, nor are all methods of brewing tea applicable to a purple sand teapot.

Generally speaking, varieties of fermented or semi-fermented tea such as Kungfu tea, black tea, red tea and Pu’er are suitable for brewing in a teapot; while green tea, white tea, yellow tea and flower tea, which have a more delicate tip, often cause the tea to become overcooked and lose its original flavor if steeped in a purple sand pot. Therefore, although the purple sand pot is a treasure of teaware, it is not universal.

The teapot made of fine purple sand is heavier in mud, with higher density. The tea brewed has a refreshing aroma, suitable for making red tea and raw cake in Pu’er tea. While the pot with high content of sand has lower density and the brewed tea has a relatively low scent. It is generally suitable for making gongfu tea and most black teas, such as cooked cake in Pu’er tea.

Different types of tea require different shapes of purple sand clay teapots.

(1) Oolong tea needs high temperature to brew, usually with boiling water, so it is more appropriate to choose a small purple sand pot. If a tall and slender teapot is used, the tea leaves will be overcooked and lose their original aroma.

Black tea is mellow and should not be brewed too strong. It is better to brew it in a teapot with a capacity of more than 600ml.

Black tea does not require a high standard for the shape of the teapot, and a moderate capacity (preferably 400-600ml) is suitable. Do not use purple sand kettle to brew delicate teas, such as high-end green tea, otherwise it will be worthwhile.

The shape of a purple clay teapot can also affect the quality of tea making.

For tea varieties that require high-temperature infusion, such as most varieties of Oolong tea, black tea and red tea, a small purple sand pot with a relatively small spout is suitable. For tea varieties with softer quality, such as white-haired Oolong, Buddha’s hand, as well as green and flower teas with poorer quality, it is suitable to use a wide-mouth teapot for infusion. This way the heat dissipation effect is better.