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According to “Tea Classic” four utensils, there are twenty-five kinds of tea sets in China, which can generally be divided into several categories such as bowls, cups, pots and cups according to their selection. Which kind of tea set is the best? It depends on each person’s living habits, diet and living style, aesthetic concept and surrounding environment. Take what you need from convenience and applicability. Cover Bowl Tea Set has bowl, cover and boat with unique shape and delicate workmanship. The bowl is large at the bottom and small at the top. The cover can enter the bowl, and the tea boat is used as a base for support. When drinking tea, the lid is not easy to slip off, and there is no need to suffer from scalding hands if there is a tea boat for support. Moreover, only by holding the teaboat can keep center of gravity stable when drinking tea; it is not necessary to remove the lid but just half close it; neither tea leaves nor tea soup will enter your mouth; instead it will pour out slowly making you comfortable.

The phrase “cha gai chao xia kao cha chuan” means: Attendant, I need to add water.

In this way, the waiter may only add water to the guests individually twice. If you want the waiter to add water for yourself a third time, you can only wait until the tea house adds water to all tea guests at the same time.

The meaning of “putting a tree leaf on the tea lid”: temporarily leave, don’t close the bowl.

Old tea houses usually require customers to pay before enjoying their tea. If a guest has something to attend to and needs to leave temporarily, they can put something small such as a match, stone, or even a leaf on the lid of their teacup.

The phrase “Chage Chaso Saka Chasen” implies that someone from a far away place is in difficult circumstances.

If members of an out-of-town gang encounter difficulty and need assistance from the locals, they arrange their teacups in a certain way as a signal. Upon seeing this secret sign, the tea house manager will go in search for someone from the local gang to introduce them.

The tea cap stands, put beside the tea bowl: meaning that there is not enough money, so one will have to pay on credit.

Forgot to bring tea money when drinking tea, if there are friends present to avoid embarrassing, can gesture the teahouse owner first on credit for the tea money and repay later. The teahouse owner also understands and would not demand it, leaving face for the guests.

The meaning of “putting the teapot lid upwards into the teacup” is that it is time to finish the meal.

Notify the tea house owner that you have finished your tea and are leaving.