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Cover bowl is a commonly used tea-making utensil for us, which has a wide applicability and can be used to make many kinds of tea. Now let’s learn how to drink tea with cover bowls.

The method of drinking tea with a lid on the bowl.

Covering bowl tea method can be divided into two ways of personal use and group use. Here is an introduction to the personal use method, as follows:

Put tea: Put in the right amount of tea leaves. The general size of the lid is 140ml, if you intend to brew only once, it is recommended to put 2g of tea (1.5% of the water volume). Adjust slightly according to personal preference.

2. Brewing: Infuse with hot water of appropriate temperature.

Time: The tea-to-water ratio needs to be steeped for 10 minutes to reach the desired concentration. After 10 minutes, it will generally be fixed at that concentration, so you can drink it slowly afterwards without the concentration continuing to increase.

4. Serving: Serve the tea. Open the lid, appreciate the aroma permeating from the bottom of the lid, stir the tea with the lid, appreciate the color of the tea and how the tea leaves spread out, and make sure that the concentration of the tea is even. Place the lid diagonally on top of the bowl, leaving a gap large enough for water to come out but small enough to filter outtea residue. Hold onto the knob while serving. In a formal setting, serve with a plate.

The skill of drinking tea with a lid on the bowl:
1. Hold the lid in one hand and gently tilt it to form an opening.
2. Slowly pour hot tea into the lid, allowing it to trickle into the bowl beneath.
3. When the bowl is full, carefully place the lid back onto the top of the bowl, being sure not to spill any of the hot liquid.
4. Allow your tea to sit for a few moments before enjoying your cup!


When adding water, do not fill it too full; fill it just below the edge of the lid. Don’t submerge the lid. If you find that there is not enough water and the tea soup is a bit strong, you can reduce the amount of tea accordingly. If you add too much water, when you cover the bowl with a lid, water will overflow from the edge of the lid, resulting in too much heat to be transferred to the bowl edge which will burn your fingers when pouring out the soup. Furthermore, if there is too much water, the brewed tea will be weak.

Wash the tea.

When washing tea, fill the water until it is full. Foam will then float on the edge of the bowl. Cover the bowl with a lid and push the foam to the edge of the bowl. Then rotate it back and forth, and the foam attached to the lid will flow away with the water.

The color of the soup.

Compared to a pot, the bowl makes it more convenient to observe the color of the soup. We can observe the color of the soup to grasp when to brew and serve it.

Bring the soup.

When pouring out the soup, tilt the lid slightly and leave a gap between the lid and the bowl to allow the soup to flow out. The size of the gap can be determined according to how much soup needs to be poured out.

It is necessary to ensure that the tea soup can flow out smoothly without spreading to the edge of the bowl, and also to isolate the tea leaves from flowing out. The gesture for covering the bowl should not be skewed, with the middle finger and thumb placed on the edge of the cover andIndex finger lightly pressing on the lid button, forming a three-point-one-line in line with the center of the cover. Do not hold onto the body of the bowl because of fear of instability.

If the lid is concave, the index finger can be pressed on top of the lid instead of digging in, while the middle finger and little finger should be relaxed naturally, and the elbow should be bent naturally. If the lid is held at an angle, the tea will flow out along an inclined path, which makes it very easy to scald the hand. If you get scalded while pouring tea, you have to stop and take a break. The undrained tea soup will soak back into the lid, which will change its taste. Pay attention when holding a lid – keep some distance between your palm and the lid; steam from behind may come out from gaps in the lid and burn your palm easily.

Cover bowl teaware, with a bowl, lid, boat, unique shape and delicate craftsmanship. Making tea is also relatively simple with the cover bowl, and it is suitable for brewing various kinds of tea. However, one should be careful when using the cover bowl to make tea in order to avoid scalding.