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What has collection value? First of all, the item must be of good quality and have limited availability. Purple clay teapots were first made for practical use, but later became collectibles. Purple clay teapots were originally created for making tea, but because of the varying levels of skill involved in its production it can have different values.

Regardless of quality, assuming that a purple clay teapot will appreciate in value is an ignorant thought. Appreciation must come from something worthy of appreciation, in other words, something good. Underestimating the value of purple clay teapots is also not advisable, to the point where quality teapots pass by unnoticed. Such behavior does not benefit oneself and is not mature.

The Great Compassion Mantra for Xishi’s Urn

Notice: The value or price of purple clay is generally reflective of the collective will and not just an individual’s. A fine piece of work, which encapsulates the creator’s efforts, must first be respected and appreciated, and then it should be reasonably valued.

Be rational.

Rationality is a sign of maturity.

Liking something goes through a cycle of fondness, obsession, detachment and maturity. This is true regardless of the thing–whether it be pottery, something else or even love. It seems like all things are interrelated. You have to read thick before you can read thin–first ask questions and then answer them. Learning also follows this process. If you read thin with pottery, you’ll become an expert at it.

The purple clay purple jade golden water pot.

Is the pot really that valuable? Or is the pot not worth anything?

People who first enter the world of purple sand tea ware usually have the mindset of buying stocks, expecting to appreciate in value, before gradually falling in love with purple sand and drinking tea. This is inseparable from the charm of purple sand itself.

Master Xu Xiutang’s famous saying: “You like her and she likes you”. First of all, it is a good thing, an invisible friend. We can always see some breath in it, as if communicating with you. Purple Sand Tea can bring us the good habit of drinking tea at the same time. Tao Ye Qing Cao purifies our inner heart and keeps us very calm. This feeling is so good!

Therefore, good things are pursued and appreciated but eventually become flavorless. The pot is blameless; it is all a matter of human nature. How to distinguish between them is entirely up to the individual. In this vast world, there can never be absolute uniformity among everyone, but it is precisely because of the existence of such differences that society must maintain “order” and “harmony,” which means recognizing these differences and living in harmony with them. This can also be considered a balanced dynamic equilibrium.

In layman’s terms, it means that everyone agrees that learning is for improvement and to reach a higher level in this “order”, which is a higher insight and maturity. Now, it is a society of experts, and the experts are more likely to win. Although it is an elementary stage, it is very practical and effective. When you really get to the master level and reach a state where there is no sword in your hand or in your heart, then you have reached the legendary “highest realm”. Therefore, first learn, then learn well, then master, and finally reach the “highest realm” of legend.

Red Skin Dragon Han Flat Pot

A regular teapot is quite simple, with clay material passing the test and an attractive shape. The craftsmanship is also acceptable. As long as the tea tastes good, it’s all that matters. Such teapots may appreciate in value to some degree, but not much so it’s not necessary to worry too much about it. When selecting a teapot, one should go for the style they like best and make sure the clay material is genuine purple sandstone.

Secondly, one should not be too eager for quick success and instant benefit when practicing teapot keeping. One must remember who is the main focus, a person or an object; am I playing with purple clay teapots or are the teapots playing me? This kind of eagerness for quick success and instant benefit is a sign of short-sightedness and immaturity. To become a master, one must first have the vision and broadmindedness of a master.

The value of collecting a purple sand pot?

What has collectible value? First and foremost, the thing has to be good, and secondly it should be rare. Purple clay teapots, originally for practical use, can later become a collectible. A purple clay teapot was created specifically for brewing tea; it’s just that depending on the craftsmanship, its value differs.

Regardless of quality, seeing “zisha” is seen as being valuable. This is a naive view – something can only increase in value if it is worth increasing in value, in other words “good”. It is also wrong to undervalue zisha so much that good pieces are overlooked. This does not benefit anyone and does not demonstrate maturity.

Purple clay fired with ash to make an antiqued pot.

Notice: The value or price of purple sand reflects the will of most, not the individual. A good work, which condenses the creator’s hard work, should be respected and appreciated first and then reasonably valued.

How to define the value of a Zisha teapot?

How to define a reasonable value requires some expertise. In my opinion, one should possess two aspects of vision: firstly, understanding of the purple clay teapot itself; secondly, understanding of the market and expectation. To put it simply, more playing and observing.

In other words, for a purple clay teapot, the quality of its material and workmanship should be good. Handicrafts are not as complicated as paintings and calligraphy, but to make them into a masterpiece requires months or even years of practice. Generally speaking, if one has considered the material and workmanship carefully when purchasing it, it can be used with peace of mind. To collect purple clay teapots as an art form requires knowledge and understanding of the craft.

Speaking of the market, why is it called Shengshi Collection? With money, the market has an appetite. Could a Gu Master’s teapot be sold for so many silver coins in Iraq? Therefore, if you want to make a profit through collection or purple sand pottery, you need to work on two aspects: one is the purple sand pot itself, and the other is the external market.