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1. Place the cup on a flat, sturdy surface while filling it with hot liquid.
2. Once filled, use caution when removing the cup from its surface and handle it securely.
3. Keep in mind that the material of the cup may still be hot to the touch even after it has been removed from heat.
4. Use caution when pouring liquid out of the Fair Cup and avoid spilling by controlling pour angle and speed.
5. When not using, store your Fair Cup in a dry place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.
Fairness Cup, hearing its name, one can know its meaning, mainly to balance the concentration of the tea soup and the amount of tea water. The significance of Fairness Cup is to make the tea soup poured out in the first five seconds evenly. So that tea drinkers drinking together can taste the same concentration of tea soup, not one person drinks stronger while another drinks weaker, which is very fair, hence it’s called Fairness Cup.

The Chinese nation has been “uncomfortable with inequality” from ancient times to the present. Therefore, when pouring tea, the use of a fair cup can express impartiality and equality by the person in charge of the tea. Improper use will often lead to jokes and even offend others. Therefore, if you are the host or the tea pourer, you must pay attention to the use of fair cups. Here are some tips for using them.

Keep it low, don’t go high.

The phrase “high mountain flowing water” may cause the aroma of the tea soup to be lost, as well as increase foam and affect its color and fragrance. Most importantly, hot tea soup might splash out of the cup and scald others.

Remember not to favor some and disparage others.

As previously mentioned, the only function of the fair cup is to ensure even quality and quantity of tea soup. Therefore, when dividing the tea, it should be done evenly and not thick in one place and thin in another. Otherwise, people with less tea may think that you are looking down on him. In addition, remember: wine full respects people, full of tea cheats guests. Pour tea, seven points are enough.

Refill the teacup in time to keep the water temperature.

Although various chicken soups are often said: the value of a cup lies in its emptiness. But your guests won’t think that way. It will be very embarrassing if you don’t refill the tea after it’s finished. When guests drink all their tea at once, it is often because they are very thirsty. At this time, it is more necessary for you to refill the cup in time. When refilling the tea for guests, remember not to use cold tea, as it represents a hidden guest order.

For friends who like to drink tea, spending time with tea every day, a tea ceremony should never be forgotten. All knowledge comes from understanding the world and human connections, while writing comes from mastering communication.