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1. Yixing Clay Teapots: These are traditionally handcrafted teapots made from purple clay found in Yixing, China.
2. Gaiwan: An alternative to a teapot, the gaiwan is a lidded bowl with a saucer.
3. Ceramic Teaware: This category includes tea cups and mugs made from a variety of materials like porcelain and stoneware.
4. Kettles: A must-have for any serious tea enthusiast! Kettles come in electric, stovetop, and induction varieties to suit any need.
5. Tea Sets: A complete set consisting of one or more teapots, cups, and other accessories for an all-in-one tea experience.
Five types of tea sets! Tea sets have great differences in terms of raw material production, such as ceramic, glass and metal. Today, let’s briefly introduce them to you.

Type 1 of Tea Ware: Ceramics

Ceramics is a type of tea ware. It is made from clay that has been fired in a kiln. Ceramics come in many different forms such as teapots, cups and saucers, teacups, and other decorative pieces. They are usually glazed to give them a shine and to protect them from wear and tear. The colors and patterns can vary greatly depending on the particular kiln used to make the ceramics.

Tea sets such as teapots and teacups made of porcelain are the most common and suitable for most tea brewing. Of course, there are also many subtypes of porcelain, such as celadon and colored pottery, which come in all different colors and shapes. The brewed tea soup will also have its own unique character depending on the type of teaware.

Type 2 of teaware: Glass

Glassware specifically designed for making and appreciating flower tea, this novel glassware allows you to not only witness the gradual transformation of the tea soup, but also enjoy the beauty of tea art during the brewing process.

Type 3 of Tea Ware: Jade and Stone

Many people consider jade to be a rare treasure in itself, and teaware crafted with jade through carving technology is even more sought-after in terms of its value. Looking at the emerald green jade teaware and tasting the fragrant and mellow tea soup is certainly a rare pleasure.

Type 4 of teaware: Wooden

Six tea-making tools commonly used in tea art, namely the Six Gentlemen of Tea ware (Tea Pot, Tea Strainer, Tea Scoop, Tea Pick) which are usually made from wooden materials.

Type 5 of Tea Ware: Metal

Metal type tea sets mostly refer to tea cans and grinders, which are usually made of metal tin or silver. Storing tea in these types of sets makes it more visually appealing and avoids any odors from forming.