• by vinux

A pot, its spout, handle and body assembly form, basically there are two methods of treating with connecting lines and transition lines, in the purple sand craft these two methods are referred to as “bright connection” and “dark connection”. Due to the purple sand being hand-formed, the connection between the spout and handle is mostly done using a transition line structure. Porcelain teapots due to material properties and forming process limitations, more often use connecting line structure for spouts, handles and bodies separation, while transition line structure is less used.

The connection between the spout, handle, knob and pot body of a purple sand pot is divided into obvious connection and invisible connection. The connection between the spout and the pot body with obvious boundaries is called “obvious connection”, while that without obvious boundaries is called “invisible connection”. The shoulder line and side line penetrate each other, giving the shape a smooth and stretching characteristic.

The joint of the flow, handle and body of the pot is called “Mingjie”, which uses continuous line structure for processing. For example, in the case of a “Han pot”, Mingjie is used to make the shape of the flow, handle part clear and tidy, thereby enhancing the salient features of its form.

The spout refers to the point of connection between the teapot and its body, with a distinct boundary.

As shown in the “HAN-style Pot”, the spout of the pot adopts a flush joint, with clean and neat lines, enhancing the distinctive shape of the pot. The spout is slender and upturned, handsome and upright, with an ear-shaped end that is even in flesh and bone, handsome and powerful, and comfortable to hold.

“Dark connection” is used to link the mouth, handle and body of a pottery, with transition lines. The characteristic of dark connection (transit line structure) is that the mouth, handle and body are connected in a natural transition, creating a strong sense of unity. The purple sand craft term calls this “as if naturally generated”, just like ancient pottery mouth and handle are processed by the dark connection method, and the handle and mouth are an extension of the pot shoulder line, connecting naturally, forming an integral shape.

Connective without obvious boundaries, naturally emerging with the body of the pot as one, revealing a certain soft beauty.