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White porcelain, known as “false jade and stone” since the Tang Dynasty, was produced by Jingdezhen known as the Porcelain Capital during the Northern Song Dynasty. It is thin, glossy and has a delicate blueish white color that is pleasing to the eye with its intricate relief carving, flower printing and tawny point-colored decorations. Let’s take a look at what white porcelain tea sets look like!

How is the porcelain tea set?

White porcelain tea sets are known as the treasures of drinking tea vessels because of their whiteness to reflect the color of tea soup, moderate thermal conductivity and heat preservation, and colorful shapes. As early as the Tang Dynasty, the white porcelain utensils produced at Xing Kiln in Hebei were “generally used without distinction between rich and poor”. Bai Juyi of the Tang Dynasty also composed a poem to praise the white porcelain teacup produced in Dayi, Sichuan. In the Yuan Dynasty, Jingdezhen White Porcelain Tea Sets were exported overseas. Nowadays, white porcelain tea sets have been completely renewed. This kind of white glaze tea set is suitable for brewing all kinds of tea leaves. In addition, white porcelain tea sets are exquisitely shaped and elegantly decorated. The outer wall is often painted with mountains and rivers, flowers and plants in four seasons, birds and beasts, characters’ stories or famous calligraphy, which are quite artistic appreciation value. Therefore it is widely used.

White porcelain tea sets are suitable for brewing what kind of tea.

White porcelain teapots are suitable for brewing all kinds of tea. At the same time, white porcelain teapots themselves have the characteristics of elegant decoration and beautiful shape. In addition, many white porcelain teapots are highly artistic and appreciative in value. Their outer walls are inscribed with famous calligraphy, or painted with four-season flowers and plants, mountains and rivers, characters and stories, birds and animals. Whether from the practical point of view or the appreciation point of view, white porcelain teapots have their unique value, so they are widely used.

The benefits of using porcelain teaware to make tea:

1. Keeps the flavor and aroma of the tea intact.
2. Porcelain is non-porous, so it won’t affect the taste of the tea.
3. It’s easy to clean and maintain.
4. It has a beautiful aesthetic appeal.

White porcelain is used for making tea, not only to reflect the color and luster of the tea soup, with moderate heat conduction and insulation, but also no chemical reaction to the tea. Tea can get a better color, aroma and taste. In addition, its shape is beautiful and exquisite, which makes it especially sophisticated when used as high-end business gifts or real estate gifts.

White porcelain teaware has been produced in Xingyao, Hebei since the Tang Dynasty. “It was used universally regardless of any social class.” In the Tang Dynasty, Bai Juyi also wrote a poem to praise the white porcelain tea bowls produced in Dayi, Sichuan.

White porcelain teaware from Jingdezhen in Jiangxi province has been exported overseas since ancient times. Nowadays, the white porcelain teaware has a whole new look. This white glazed teaware is suitable for brewing all kinds of tea. In addition, the delicate shape and elegant decoration of white porcelain teaware are often decorated with mountains and rivers, flowers and plants in four seasons, birds and animals, human stories, or adorned with calligraphy of famous people, which is also very artistic in appreciation.