how many cups of tea is too much
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1. Analog drinking tea with drinking water

What do we drink most when we have a cup of tea? Tea polyphenols, caffeine, thiamine?Water, of course!

To figure out how much tea to drink in a day is appropriate, we need to know how much water we need to drink in a day. The amount of water drunk plus tea drunk is the sum of the daily water requirement of the human body.

The daily water requirement of the human body is about 2 500 ml, the water intake from food is about 600 ml, the metabolism of the human body can produce about 300 ml of water, 2500 ml-600 ml-300 ml = 1 600 ml, according to 200 ml of a glass of water, 1 600 ml_200 ml = 8. Therefore, apart from food intake and self-metabolism, the theory that people need to intake eight glasses of water a day is basically justifiable in theory.

2. Is it really bad for your health to drink water only when you are thirsty?

Many “experts” also advocate not to wait for thirst before drinking. Thirst is a sign of “extreme water shortage”. Many people can no longer sense the signal of water shortage after “chronic water shortage”.

Is that true?

In fact, there is no basis for this statement. Rowels, a professor of nutrition at Pennsylvania State University, disagrees with this opinion. Her study found no evidence of chronic water shortage in humans.

In 2004, the Food and Nutrition Committee of the American Academy of Medical Sciences reviewed the issue of water consumption. They believed that the vast majority of healthy people could adequately satisfy their water needs as long as they drank on the basis of thirst or not. “Eight glasses of water a day” itself is within a reasonable range, but it is incorrect to overemphasize this value and think that “we should drink enough if we are not thirsty”.

Therefore, for water drinking, we just let nature take its course. If you feel thirsty, drink it. Don’t wait until you feel thirsty very much. Don’t worry too much about drinking a few drinks a day.

3. Drinking tea in moderation will make you healthier.

As mentioned in the previous article, theoretically, the amount of water that the human body needs to drink directly every day is about 1600 ml. How to allocate drinking water, beverage or tea depends on personal preferences. Of course, there are plenty of sugar and calories in the drink. It’s healthier to drink water and tea.

As we all know, excessive drinking water is easy to be “poisoned by water”. Drinking large quantities of water in a short time can increase the burden on the heart and kidneys. Even after exercise, it is best not to drink more than 250 ml of water at one time. Similarly, the vast majority of tea is water, so we’d better drink a cup of tea slowly, and drink it for a few times a day, so that the body has a process of absorption and digestion. Do not drink a large pot of water because of the urgent need for water.

Count it as 5 grams of tea, we’d better brew three times, 150 ml each time. If you drink two kinds of tea a day and brew six 150 ml of tea, the approximate amount of drinking is 900 ml, which is within a reasonable range. The rest can be replenished by drinking water.

Tea is served one hour after breakfast, thus you can start a good day; tea is taken during lunch break, thus you can improve work efficiency; tea is served in the afternoon, thus you can refresh energy and enjoy a pleasant life; tea should not be served too late in the evening, so as to ensure the quality of sleep.

Tea should not be drunk too strong, too much and too frequent. A cup of tea, drink slowly, drink lightly, as slowly as life. We often cannot be too greedy to good things. It is the eternal truth to do something according to one’s ability, and to do something in an appropriate amount.

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