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First, let’s get to know what kind of utensils are needed for tea. In the way of tea, the indispensable is the tea set, also known as the Six Gentlemen of Tea. The Six Gentlemen refer to: teapot, teaspoon, tea needle, tea strainer, tea clip and fair cup.

Tea Caddy: A vessel for holding tea art supplies.

Teaspoon: Used to scoop out the brewed tea, and loose tea leaves in the pot. After brewing, the teapot is often tightly stuffed with tea leaves, and as the mouth of a general teapot is not big, it’s inconvenient and unsanitary to use hands to scoop out the tea leaves, so a teaspoon is usually used.

Tea Strainer: Unclog the inner network of the teapot to keep the water flowing smoothly. Or after putting in the tea leaves, stir the tea leaves evenly so that broken tea is at the bottom and whole leaves are on top.

Tea strainer: Used to pour tea into a teapot, it can secure the teapot firmly. It can filter out all kinds of impurities in the tea soup, preserve beneficial substances for human body, and make the filtered tea soup more transparent and bright.

Tea strainer: This can be used to scoop out tea residue from the teapot, as well as to hold a teacup when washing it, preventing scalding and being hygienic.

Tea scoop: When making tea, use the tea scoop to take tea leaves from the teapot and slowly divide them into the teapot with the same scoop three times.

To have a cup of tea, the basic utensils we need can be generally divided into three parts: kettle, teapot and drinking vessel.

Common water heaters include automatic electric kettles, iron kettles, and tea-specific kettles, which can easily make you a pot of good water whether you are in the office or at home. Tea-makers are definitely essential items, such as purple sand pots, lidded bowls, or a simple graceful cup. Drinkers refer to teacups and gongdaos. For those who like finer details, you can also prepare a tea tray for convenience when discarding the first infusion of tea.

In addition, a teapot and tea towel can be prepared. Sometimes we need to pour the first brew of tea, it can be poured into the teapot for convenience, and the tea towel allows us to clean around the teapot at any time, ensuring a clean environment for drinking tea.

If you become more and more professional in drinking tea, you can also prepare some peripherals, such as the six gentlemen of the tea ceremony we often talk about: teapot, teaspoon, filter, rule sheet, tea clip and needle; as well as tea pets.

If you want to enjoy a good cup of tea, the first thing you need is the right teaware. How to choose the right teaware? How much should you buy? Glass or porcelain cups? All kinds of questions can leave people puzzled. If you are facing these problems, why not take a look at this teaware buying guide.

Purchase teaware according to budget level.

We now know the essentials, but what to buy specifically depends on your budget for buying tea sets.

Under 200 yuan.

In this price range, it’s best to buy only essential items and meet basic needs. Whether it’s a teapot or a drinking vessel, it is recommended to purchase white porcelain or glass because these materials have simple and mature processes that can guarantee quality and bring out the true flavor of tea with a relatively inexpensive price.

For safety considerations, choose the kettle carefully and purchase a well-known brand of kettle, which is around 60-80 yuan.

For tea ware and basic tasting utensils, it is suggested to buy one lid bowl and one or two tasting cups. Choose a basic style for the lid bowl. For beginners, remember to buy a slightly wider bowl, so that it won’t be too hot to handle. Such a simple and refreshing lid bowl is roughly around 30 yuan.

It is suggested to choose a basic glass cup for the fair price, which is around 20 yuan with many styles to choose from. As for the tea tray, it is suggested to buy bamboo or wooden material, which should be under 50 yuan.

Above tools, it is suggested to go bargain-hunting at Taobao or Tea City’s supermarket. Remember to buy simple and clean basic models that are only practical.

500 to 800 Yuan

As the days of drinking tea have grown longer, the requirements for tea have become higher and higher, and the aesthetic and taste requirements for tea sets will also increase accordingly. Therefore, compared with the basic needs within 200 yuan, the budget will be more relaxed. For this part of the increased budget, we suggest that it be mainly applied to upgrading the main teapot.

In this price range, the purchase of bowls should take into account the aesthetic factor, and you can also choose some beautiful blue and white porcelain bowls according to your preference. The price should not exceed 500 yuan.

If you are going to choose a purple clay teapot, it is better to pick a simple and clean style. For the price range of this kind of teapot, it does not necessary require full handmade. When purchasing, it is enough if the clay material has assurance and the lines are smooth with good water output.

If you want to make things easier, you can also choose a small set of 300-500 yuan, such as a pot or a small lid bowl with two cups. It will save you the effort of matching them yourself.

At this time, other items can also be taken into consideration, such as tea sets, tea ceremony six gentlemen, tea canisters, which can be bought according to the excess of the budget with artistic appreciation.

Over 3000 yuan.

When you have a generous budget, the range of choices will be even greater. To start with water heaters, many brands have water heaters specially designed for making tea, so you can configure according to your own preferences. Water heaters are divided into stoves and kettles. Stoves include electric stoves and induction cookers. An old Taiwanese rock stove is around 800 yuan, and the famous Yingge stove is more than 2000 yuan, which can all be included in the list. Water kettles can also become exquisite, copper kettles, iron kettles, silver kettles, and well-known high-temperature glass kettles are all in your range of choices.

At this time, you can also purchase a higher-level lid bowl, such as handmade blue and white cover bowl and purple sand pot. If it is a purple sand pot, you do not need to ask for a famous name. Under the condition of value for money, it can fully guarantee the quality of mud material and be completely handmade, with smooth shape and use for about 2000 yuan.

At this stage, we recommend self-drinking cups, the material can be purple sand, white porcelain, hand-painted blue and white, Ru kiln, Chai Shao. The quality and style should be matched with the tea ware as much as possible. Of course, the pursuit of tea friends can choose top-level Ru kiln, Jianzhan, blue and white porcelain bowls and popular Chai Shao recently.

In case of a budget surplus, the next step is to choose some tea sets that make your tea table look more beautiful. For example, tea trays, as we just mentioned, are usually made of bamboo and wood. A bamboo one is usually several hundred yuan, while wooden ones are divided into many grades. For example, the precious redwood one is about 3000-5000 yuan, and the black sandalwood and hematite tea trays are generally around 2000 yuan.

If you give up playing tea tray, and play Mahjong instead, then we will have to prepare a tea set. On the tea set there will be tea washing bowl, small vase for flower arranging, tea canister and so on. You can also add a kettle holder to put kettles or teacups on it to make the tea set look more vivid.