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Having only tea leaves is just for decoration, without tea wares, you can’t make tea. So you need tea wares to brew tea. Tea wares are basically two types: one is teapot and the other is teacup. “Water is the mother of tea and pot is the father of tea”, it’s not enough to have high-grade tea leaves, you also need a good pot to serve and good water to brew.
Modern people refer to “tea utensils” mainly referring to teapots, tea cups, spoons and other tea drinking implements. In fact, the types of modern tea utensils are counted on one’s fingers. However, the concept of “tea utensils” in ancient times seems to refer to a wider range. According to the types of tea utensils listed in Pi Rixiu’s “Tea Utensil Ten Songs” in Tang Dynasty literature, there are “tea manors, tea people, tea shoots, tea bags, tea houses, tea stoves, teas roasting, teapots, teacups and boiling tea”. Among them,”tea manor” refers to a hollow place for planting tea. “Tea people” refer to those who pick up the tea leaves; as The Tea Classic says: “The Tea People take (the utensils) to pick up the leaves.”
There are tea kettles of all sizes. In Lingyun County, Baise City, Guangxi, there is a huge “tea kettle” that is known as the “number one pot in the world”. It is 8.18 meters high and 13.8 meters in diameter, made of reinforced concrete. Rather than calling it a “tea kettle”, it should be called an advertising model. The smallest tea kettle I know is 0.6 cm high and 1 cm in diameter, weighing only 2 grams. When you pick up this Zhu Ni teapot that’s even smaller than your fingertips, you are afraid to break it accidentally. It has been praised by industry experts for its “strange shape, beautiful color, delicate pattern and good quality”. With surprise, someone asked: “Can it make tea?” Its creator smiled and said: “How can it be called a pot if it can’t pour out water?” Don’t look at its small size; body, cover, flow and handle are all exquisitely crafted. This big one and small one can only be admired; if you want to make real tea you need to use proper teaware, usually a teacup will do.
Ceramic teaware has certain breathability, keeping warm in winter and not spoiling in summer without any chemical reaction. The tea brewed with it has good color, aroma and taste.
It is recommended to use 80℃-85℃ boiled water to brew green tea. Moderate water temperature can maintain the soup color of green tea, and the transparent glass cup can see the beautiful leaves and soup color of green tea. The glass cup dissipates heat quickly, which will not cause damage to the tea during brewing. It was popular at one time to use a thermal insulation cup, which has the advantage of keeping warm, but it is not suitable for brewing tea. When using a thermal insulation cup to brew tea, the tea liquid maintains high temperature for a long time, and various vitamins in tea leaves are easily volatilized under high temperature or constant temperature. Too much tannic acid and caffeine extracted will have a bitter taste and lose some nutritional components. Therefore, it is better to use glass cups than thermal insulation cups when drinking green tea.