• by vinux

Among tea drinkers, the covered bowl is said to be a “universal tea set”, and all kinds of tea can be brewed with it to enhance the flavor, watch the soup, so what size covered bowl should be used for making tea? The answer is: different sizes for men and women, depending on what suits one’s individual needs.

The capacity of a normal bowl generally ranges from 100 ml to 300 ml, and different people will make their selection according to their own requirements.

A bowl suitable for women.

Women’s hands are smaller, suitable for small capacity cover bowls, between 100ml and 150ml is more suitable, of course can also be a bit smaller, there are also 80ml cover bowls on the market.

The bowl with a lid of 150ml has a diameter of 9cm and a height of about 8cm, which is still a bit large for women. Therefore, it is personally recommended to use a 120ml bowl with lid. The size of this bowl is moderate, and if it is made of thin porcelain, it will not be heavy in the hand and won’t burn your hands, making it a good choice.

Suitable bowl for men.

Generally, men drink more tea and have more tea times, so they need a bigger lid bowl. The 300ml lid bowl is already big enough. If it’s bigger, it would be an extra-large lid bowl, which is not only heavy to hold but also not aesthetically pleasing. Even the nobles are not suitable. The 150ml one is just right.

When purchasing bowls, pay attention to:

1. Material: Choose a bowl made of material that is safe for food consumption and easy to clean.

2. Size: Choose the size of the bowl depending on your needs and how many people will use it.

3. Design: Make sure the design of the bowl fits with your kitchen décor or style preferences.

When choosing a bowl, in addition to paying attention to the capacity, it is also important to pay attention to the mouth of the bowl and the lid knob.

The bowl has a wide opening: the distance between the mouth of the bowl and the edge of the lid is wide, so that tea won’t easily overflow and scald your hands.

Gainiu High: The gainiu is recessed, the gainiu is short from the cover, pressing with the fingers on top actually feels hot. The Gainiu is made taller and easier to carry and put down.

After selecting a bowl, it can be used for tea. Generally, it is brewed according to the ratio of 1:50 water to tea. Tea friends can adjust according to their own taste.