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Purple Sand Ceramic Tea Set

The most common type of teaware made of purple sand is the teapot. Its raw material is taken from the clay in Yixing, which has a strong stickiness. The teaware produced will not take away the aroma of the tea soup, nor will it have a stewed taste. It can keep the color, fragrance and flavor of the tea soup for a long time. The oolong tea brewed from purple sand teaware is sweet and fragrant, and the residual warmth will last for a long time. Through long-term warm soaking, the aroma and taste of black tea are brought to an apex.

Ceramic teaware

Ceramic tea sets can be further divided into white porcelain tea sets, blue porcelain tea sets and black porcelain tea sets, all of which are different types of ceramics. White porcelain is most famous for its production in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi, and is known for its warm jade-like whiteness. White porcelain teapots are best for brewing green tea. The green tea soup is fresh and green, combined with the pure and simple characteristics of white porcelain, like a clear stream in the white clouds, refreshing people’s hearts.

The blue porcelain of Longquan in Zhejiang is bright in color and plain in shape, enjoying the reputation of “flower of porcelain”. The flower tea brewed with blue porcelain has a faint fragrance of orchid, and the white small flowers float and rotate in the blue teacup, which makes people calm and peaceful. Black porcelain has been the best teaware for people to “fight tea” since ancient times, because it can best show the beauty of tea leaves. The buds of white tea are complete, covered with silver hairs, and the soup color of white tea brewed with black porcelain is green and crystal clear, which tastes light and sweet, mellow and relieves fatigue.

Glass teaware

The glass teaware is translucent in texture, allowing one to clearly observe the rolling and stretching of the tea leaves in boiling water. It has a strong aesthetic appeal and is thus favored by people. Brewing tea for discussion helps to calm the mind, and drinking tea often brings many benefits. Choose a favorite teaware and invite a few friends for tea gathering, chatting while slowly slowing down one’s pace in the fast-paced life to enjoy life.