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If too much tea is drunk, the teaware inevitably becomes stained with tea scale. For delicate and transparent glass teaware, tea scale can seriously affect its appearance, so it is particularly important to clean the teaware. So how to clean glass teaware?

How to clean the tea stain on the glass teaware?

Just soak the commonly used glass tea set in diluted vinegar for 30 minutes, and it will be as shiny as new. For delicate tea sets such as crystal glass cups, use a cloth soaked with vinegar to wipe them, and for the parts that become blackened, use a soft toothbrush dipped in a mixture of vinegar and salt to gently scrub them.

2. After rinsing the glassware with water, brush it with warm water at about 40 degrees, then let it dry naturally, which can also remove tea scale from the bottom of the cup.

After using the teacup and teapot for a long time, there will be a lot of tea scale. Use a sponge dipped in salt to scrub, which can easily remove it.

4. Soak the teapots in a bleach or detergent solution, except for small tea scale, and leave it overnight to remove the tea scale.

5. Put some toothpaste on the bottom of the cup and wipe it with a nylon cloth after cleaning with toothpaste.

You can also scrub with fine salt, which works well too.

Put a small spoonful of orange powder or orange juice into the teacup and teapot, fill it with clear water and leave it for 2-3 hours, so that the tea scale and the teaware will lose their adhesion force and it will be easy to remove.

Put potato skins in the teapot, then pour in boiling water and cover with lid. Let it steep for a few minutes and the tea stain will be removed.

Glass Products Usage and Maintenance Methods:
1. Clean the glass product regularly with a mild detergent or a special cleaner to keep it clean.
2. Avoid using solvents, gasoline or other corrosive substances to clean the glass product.
3. If you need to fill in joints between pieces of glass, use a non-aqueous, weatherproof sealant.
4. Do not strike or put heavy objects on the glass surface.
5. When moving glass products, be sure to wear protective gloves and carefully protect the edges of the product from impact and scratches during handling.

Glassware such as fruit dishes, cold food utensils, water pitchers, coffee pots and tea pots are easily dirtied in the home. Generally, these glassware can be cleaned with detergent after use.

If the time of use is long and there are many accumulated stains, then it should be scrubbed repeatedly with a fine cloth dipped in washing powder, or wiped with a fine cloth dipped in warm vinegar for better stain removal effect. If there are not many stains on the teapot or coffee pot, used tea leaves can be put into the bottle.

Pour in half a bottle of water, seal the cap tightly, or if there is no cap, cover the opening with your hand. Shake the bottle up and down to let the water and tea residue wash away the dirt inside. This will allow for a good cleaning effect. After the dirt has gone, rinse it thoroughly with cold water and it will become clean as new again. Glass cups and teapots that have been used for brewing tea usually accumulate a layer of brownish tea scale, which can be difficult to clean.

If you lightly scrub the cup with a small amount of toothpaste and warm water, or with a solution of baking soda and water, it will quickly clean without damaging the surface. Salt can also be used for scrubbing and yield good results.

Techniques for Buying Glass Tea Ware

(1) Heat Resistant Material: High Borosilicate Glass, Can Be Heated With Candle Alcohol.

High Transparency: Transparent glass material allows you to see through the brewing process directly.

(3) Original Taste Reappearance: Due to the characteristics of glass without fine pores, it will not absorb the taste of tea, allowing you to taste 100% original flavor, and easy cleaning without residual flavor.

When choosing glass tea sets, pay attention to the overall aesthetic beauty, clarity of the glass, and fluidity of the overall glass. Through these points, you can choose a satisfactory glass tea set!