• by vinux

First, it is important to understand what is called a chemical pot. A purple clay pot that has chemical components added to the mud or organic chemical raw materials applied on the finished pot in order to increase aesthetic surface mechanics or create an aged feel is referred to as a chemical pot. This type of purple clay teapot gives off a feeling of makeup, just like women applying powder and rouge in a nightclub, which many people find distasteful. We should avoid buying this kind of purple clay tea set.

As long as metal oxides (except lead oxide and cadmium oxide) are not more than 0.3%, after the high temperature of 1100 degrees or more firing, there is no problem for us to drink tea in daily life and no harm to our health. However, what troubles us most now is that some merchants or makers paint a colorless and tasteless organic chemical material — Vaseline evenly on the surface of a pot. It will definitely cause harm to our body. Because the price of ordinary purple sand pot used in daily life has been going down all the way, those makers who do not want to spend more time on it will paint this organic compound on the fired pot, which makes the originally rough surface look beautiful. Such pots are more deceptive to beginners. Some merchants emphasize opening the lid just to dilute this chemical component. Real pure natural purple sand pot absolutely does not need to open the lid.

A purple sand pot made of pure and natural raw materials has a natural and mellow texture on the surface, and the grain distribution on the surface is crystal-like and natural, without bright colors. The color inside and outside is basically consistent. After a period of time, even the kiln smell will fade away, without any stimulating smell. If you buy it back and wash it clean, you can make tea by boiling it with hot water without complicated opening ceremony. Maybe in the past merchants made some moving stories, plus bought back with heavy money to let people worship the purple sand pot to hold an opening ceremony. Now people advocate opening ceremony, in fact, with what people said before about opening ceremony their purpose are two different things.