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For office workers, how to enjoy a delicious cup of tea can often be a problem. It is not always possible to set up a complete set of tea-making tools in the office or workstation. The common situation is to use a glass cup to brew tea for half a day or even a whole day. Even if there is good tea at hand, it is not easy to drink delicious tea soup, or the soup is discounted, which is reasonable. In fact, it is not difficult to enjoy a delicious cup of tea in the office. Let’s talk about this topic today.
From the perspective of enjoying a delicious cup of tea soup while also being a healthy drink, the process of brewing tea is actually to use appropriate tools and methods to brew the ingredients contained in tea leaves into a cup of delicious tea soup. In an office, as long as mastering the three elements of brewing tea and practicing slightly, one can make a double delicious cup of tea soup.

Grasp these three points and easily make a delicious cup of tea in the office!
First, the Basic Elements of Making Tea

1. 茶籽 Tea Seeds
2. 水 Water
3. 茶具 Tea Utensils
4. 其他材料 Other Materials
Making tea essentially is a process that brings out the inherent flavor, color, and fragrance of tea. It includes elements such as types of tea, amount of loose tea leaves used, temperature of water, vessels used for brewing, and methods for making tea. The three most important factors are the amount of loose tea leaves used, the temperature of water, and the brewing time – commonly referred to as the “three essentials” for making tea.
The ratio of tea to water is the amount of tea used. Generally for green tea, black tea, Pu’er and other teas, it is around 1:50, that is 5g of tea can be brewed with 250ml of water; and for Oolong tea the ratio is around 1:30. Generally there is a saying “use less when dealing with fine teas and more when dealing with coarse teas”; that is, the delicate teas have less extract so can be put more while the old and coarse teas should be put less.
The water temperature for brewing tea is the temperature of the water. For fine and delicate teas such as famous green teas and delicate Qi Hong, the water temperature should be between 80-95 degrees; Other types of tea such as Pu’er Tea and Oolong Tea can be brewed with 100 degree water.
Brewing time is the time when tea and water come into contact. Different types of tea differ greatly.
Second, Office Tea Making Method

1. Prepare the necessary tea wares: a teapot, a strainer and cups.

2. Boil water in an electric kettle or pot, and pour the boiled water into the teapot.

3. Infuse your favorite tea leaves into the teapot for about 3 to 4 minutes, depending on the type of tea you are preparing.

4. Strain the brewed tea from the teapot into cups before serving it.
Nowadays, people’s lives have generally accelerated, so they often don’t have much time to sit down and leisurely enjoy a cup of tea. Making tea in the office requires simplicity and convenience, mainly in terms of choosing the right tea ware and tea leaves as well as the water for brewing the tea.
Tea set selection
When selecting office teaware, an important point is to separate the tea and water by using appropriate tools for brewing tea in order to avoid bitterness or astringency caused by long-time infusion. Imagine a pot of tea leaves, no matter 3g, 5g or 8g and no matter Anhui Tea or Fujian Tea, it can be brewed into 5-8 tasty teas. If the tea leaves are directly infused in the cup for a long time, it will be difficult to drink a cup of uniformed tea—at the beginning it is still okay but after 10 minutes it becomes bitter and astringent; after one or two hours when more water is added there may be no more taste left. But directly grabbing some Yunnan Green Tea or short-aged Pu’er from the cup would definitely lead to a bitter and astringent taste. The advantage of Yunnan Tea’s endurance for long-time infusion turns into a disadvantage immediately. However, this problem can also be easily solved by choosing suitable tools for brewing tea and achieving separation of tea and water.
For office tea making, an easy and convenient option is a Piao Yi Cup. The principle of the Piao Yi Cup is to separate the tea leaves and tea soup, and filter them automatically. The invention of the Piao Yi Cup makes it easy to separate the water from the tea, so that delicious tea soup can be brewed quickly even without time for using teaware. Generally, the volume of a Piao Yi Cup for brewing tea is between 150ml and 250ml, which can be purchased according to needs.
Master these three points and easily make a delicious cup of tea in the office!

Illustration of an Elegant Cup with Brewing Instructions
In addition to the elegant cups, you can also choose lid bowls, or similar teaware that can separate tea and water. Of course, if you do not have such convenient teaware on hand, you can use two ordinary cups in specific occasions. When the tea is left in one cup for the ideal time, pour the tea into another cup. Of course, this is only a makeshift solution. Different forms but same principle; it’s essentially separating tea and water.
Master three points to make an enjoyable cup of tea easily in the office!

Additionally, we would like to inform everyone that items such as bowl covers and graceful cups are not expensive, with prices ranging from twenty to fifty. Their quality is also quite good. This way, you can easily enjoy a cup of tea, making it a great choice for office tea-making.
Choose your favorite tea.
The selection of tea varies from person to person. Generally, people who are just beginning to drink tea can start with green tea or mellow red tea, such as Qimen red tea. Those who have smoking and drinking habits, easy to get angry,heaty and obese tend to be heaty constitution and should drink cool teas such as green tea and Pu’er raw tea; those with weak digestive system and body feeling uncomfortable after eating bitter gourd or watermelon usually has cold constitution and should drink neutral or warm teas; elderly people due to the decline of regulation functions are more suitable for red tea and ripe Pu’er Tea. Of course, all these are just general statements. The most fundamental point is to choose the one that you feel comfortable drinking after comparison.
Choose water

Translated to English: Choose water
If the water used is not particularly fussy, one can choose either general pure water or tap water boiled. Choosing pure water is a relatively simple and safe option, as it will not maximize the taste of tea but will also not damage its flavor.
With these three factors, you can easily brew a cup of your favorite tea in the office.