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Teapots became popular due to tea, and purple sand teapots were particularly prized for their clear and pure aroma and color of the brewed tea. However, due to excessive exploitation, there is less and less purple sand, making purple sand teapots even more precious. Therefore, purple sand teapots are usually works of art made by famous craftsmen and handmade with no similar or same shape in high-end purple sand teapots. Collectors like to collect purple sand teapots also because they are unique and irreplaceable.

A pouring pot cannot be called a purple sand pot, so generally purple sand pots are all handmade, divided into semi-handmade and full-handmade. The semi-handmade pot body is supported by the model and then made. The full-handmade is made without any model relying solely on the author’s skill. So the full-handmade pot form is generally more spiritual, while the semi-handmade pot is almost the same. But if it’s for drinking tea and personal use, it’s not necessary to pursue semi-handmade and full- hand made. In addition, semi- handmade has absolute advantages in price. So how to identify genuine and fake purple clay pots? What are the methods for identifying genuine and fake purple clay pots?

Below, the editor introduces how to identify purple clay teapots:

Price is the reference.

People say that Purple Sand teapots are precious, but the most common ones are only hundreds of yuan. So people usually take a hundred yuan as a reference when buying Purple Sand teapot. Those two or three hundred yuan ones are not fake mud, but just of lower purity in terms of Purple Sand. Besides, Yixing Purple Sand mud is actually made up of green mud, red mud and purple mud. A teapot made of red mud is only worth around 100 yuan. Therefore, usually those teapots of around one hundred yuan are used as home use or in high-end restaurants, instead of collection use. A Purple Sand teapot with collection value can not possibly cost one hundred yuan; it must be cost thousands yuan instead. However, what needs to be reminded is that the price is only a reference point to identify the quality of the Purple Sand teapot; if a Purple Sand teapot costs 200 yuan, you don’t need to consider its collection value; you just need to see if it’s made out of purple sand or not.

Distinguishing by material

The Yixing purple clay teapot is renowned for its material, so the main criterion for identifying it is to look at its material. The Yixing purple clay mud is mainly composed of clay, quartz and mica, with a high content of iron elements. These minerals make the purple clay teapot feel delicate but not smooth (different from porcelain and glaze); if it feels rough, then either it is fake mud or there may be a problem in one of the production processes, so you should be careful when purchasing it.