• by vinux

How to identify if a purple sand pot is made of original purple clay mud? Here are a few methods:
1. Look at the color. The true purple sand should have a rich and deep purple hue that glitters when light shines on it.
2. Smell the pot. The raw material of pure purple sandpot has a special scent, which can be identified as one with fruity or fig aroma.
3. Feel the texture. True purple sand pots have a smooth texture that feels like silk, while fake ones feel rough and hard like ordinary clay pots.
4. Check the water absorption rate. The water absorption rate of original purple clay is higher than that of other imitation clays, so you can use the method of soaking in water to tell whether it is true or not.

One, look at the colors.

For new purple sand pots, the ones made of true purple clay are not dazzlingly colorful but have a dim luster.

If the color of the purple sand pot is too brilliant and dazzling (the cinnabar itself will be slightly bright, but the new pot will not be too shiny), it is likely that the clay used is not original ore.

Or add glass water to Zhu Ni for increased brightness, so that the new pot can achieve the effect of soaking, making it more convenient for sale. For example, a Zhu Ni pot costing around 100 yuan on Taobao is made this way.

For a purple sand teapot that has been steeped for a certain period of time, its surface should be warm, tender and soft.

Two, smell the aroma.

A new purple sand pot usually only has a smell of soil that has been fired.

If the new pot smells of chemicals or other pungent odors, it is likely to be made of fake clay.

Third, feel the fetal texture.

The new purple sand pot is not smooth on the surface, and when touched by hand, it should have a sandy granular texture. (If the number of Zhu Ni eyes is large, the gravel feeling may be weak.)

Inside the Yixing hand-pulled pot there are spiral lines, which are unavoidable traces in the process of hand-pulling.

Fourth, boiling water scalding.

A teapot made of genuine primary purple clay, the color is all natural without adding any chemical dyes.

If the purple clay teapot is boiled in the water and its surface fades, the color of the water also changes, then this teapot’s mud material is fake, at least other chemicals have been added.