make black tea
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Inject fresh cold water into the teapot until it is boiled. Because the water from the tap is full of air, which can fully guide out the aroma of black tea, while overnight water, twice boiled water or hot water in the thermos bottle are all not suitable for brewing black tea.

2. Pour boiling water into the teapot and cup in a gradual way to avoid too much change in water temperature. The general shape of the teapot has a short round pot body, which allows the tea to fully stretch and dance during brewing.

3. Carefully consider the amount of tea: brew strong tea with 1 teaspoon per person (about 2.5G of tea), but if you want to brew good black tea, it is better to brew two cups of black tea with 2 cups of tea (about 5g) to give full play to the original flavor of black tea.

4. Pour boiling water into the teapot to brew tea: About 30 seconds after the water starts boiling, when the water spray forms a circle the size of a dollar coin, it is most suitable to brew black tea.

5. Wait for the right brewing time: because the fragrance of tea cannot be completely released by rapid brewing, the concentration of tea will be specially marked on the general professional teapot, and the brewing time will decrease from 2 minutes to 3 minutes and a half minutes in turn.

6. Pour the tea soup brewed in the pot into your favorite cup. Although the cup has various shapes, generally speaking, it belongs to the shallower bottom and wider mouth. Because in this way, tea drinkers can fully enjoy the fragrance of black tea, but also enjoy its charming tea color.

7. Add the appropriate amount of sugar or milk according to personal taste. If you choose to drink pure black tea, your emphasis is completely on the nature and original taste of black tea. Tea used in milk tea generally has a heavier taste and some astringent taste, but after adding rich milk, astringency will be reduced and the taste will become richer.

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