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Fill the cup with hot water and place the desired amount of tea leaves into the water. Gently swirl the cup and allow it to steep for 3 to 4 minutes. When finished, remove the leaves from the cup and enjoy your fragrant red tea.
The piaoyi cup is a newly emerged tea ware, which is commonly used to brew Iron Guanyin tea. It is convenient and practical. Some people want to use the piaoyi cup to brew red tea after seeing it. But how to use it? Let’s learn and understand it together!

How to brew red tea with a graceful cup?

Prepare the tea utensils

When brewing tea with a floating cup, it is not just about preparing the floating cup. Besides the floating cup, it also needs to prepare the tea leaves, a teapot, cups and a kettle of good quality mountain spring water.

2. Handling of tea ware

To brew a great cup of oolong tea, the handling of teaware is also very important. Before brewing oolong tea, use warm water of around 70-80 degrees Celsius to rinse teacup, gaiwan and other teawares thoroughly in order to clean any dirt on their surface and raise the temperature of the teawares. This can help the oolong tea expand quickly when brewing.

The method of brewing a cup of Elegant Red Tea

After dealing with the teaware, 7 to 8 grams of black tea should be put directly into the container of the teapot. Then pour boiling water into the teapot and wait until the temperature drops to 90 degrees. Pour it into the teapot, then immediately pour out the first infusion of water. Refill with hot water and steep for about three minutes, then pour the tea infusion into a cup and enjoy slowly.

The benefits of brewing tea with a graceful cup are numerous. The traditional Chinese art of tea brewing is enhanced, as the shape and design of the cup can add to the overall aesthetic experience. Furthermore, one’s drinking experience can be improved with the use of a delicate cup, since its shape and size can bring out subtle flavor notes in the tea that would otherwise be lost in regular teacups. Additionally, a graceful cup can also help an individual better appreciate the aroma and color of their beverage.

A shared cup set can separate tea leaves and tea soup, as well as filter independently, improving the defect of too long brewing time and sour taste.

2. The Elegant Tea Cup is different from traditional tea ware. It allows you to see the color of the tea soup as it brews, making it easier to control the strength of your tea.

A cup group shared together can be used for both making and drinking tea, without the need for an additional set of teaware. It also helps to conserve tea leaves, as it requires an equal amount of tea leaves to produce twice as much brewed tea than a normal teapot.

The convenience and time-saving features of the Elegant Cup Tea Maker make it ideal for entertaining guests at home. It can accommodate up to a dozen friends, so there’s no worry about running out of tea.

This graceful cup is not easy to absorb odors, and can maintain the original tea aroma.

It is very convenient to clean after use, and it is very convenient to scoop out the tea residue. Just tilt the inner cup down, and all the tea residue will come out. Then add some clear water and shake it twice, then pour it all off and it will be very clean.

The elegant cup can also be used in home office, business trip, restaurant, club and other places. It can be said that the elegant cup can meet most of the needs for making tea. However, due to its poor heat preservation, it is not suitable for controlling the temperature when brewing tea. Therefore, for some high-fragrant teas, the elegant cup cannot extract the fragrance, and may even cause partial loss of aroma. For example, Pu’er tea and Tuo tea require a large amount of tea leaves each time and coarse old leaves must be brewed with boiling water at 100 degrees.