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Fill the teacup with hot water. Place the desired quantity of tea leaves in the infuser and place it in the teacup. Gently steep the tea for 3-5 minutes, depending on the type of tea being brewed. Remove the infuser from the teacup and enjoy your cup of tea.
In daily life, there are many kinds of teaware for making tea, and the Flying Cup is one of them. It is a very convenient and simple teaware. Therefore, many people choose to use Flying Cup to make tea. So, how to use the Flying Cup to make tea?

How to use a teapot to brew tea:

1. Fill the teapot with cold water and bring it to a boil.
2. Put the desired amount of tea leaves into the infuser, and place it in the teapot.
3. Once the water has boiled, pour it into the teapot and cover it with a lid for 2-5 minutes.
4. When ready, serve with your favourite cup or mug!

1. Scalding the teapot: This process is the same as all other tea-making procedures. Just be mindful to scald all parts of the teapot, including the inner chamber, large outer cup, and lid. If it hasn’t been used for a while, it should be scalded before using to get rid of any odours, and make sure all components are functioning properly – mainly controlling the pressure button of the outlet valve. Then discard the scalded water from the teapot.

2. Tea brewing: The amount of tea to be put into the cup with a graceful design can be varied. If you need to get the tea brewed quickly, you can put more tea leaves in and get the desired result faster.

3. Washing Tea: The steps for washing tea when drinking raw tea are simple; just pour in hot water, let the tea leaves absorb enough water, and then discard the water. If brewing old or mature tea, washing the tea will be a bit more tedious. This is because old and mature teas are more prone to dust and odors contamination. When washing the tea, the force of pouring in the water should be strong and fast, and the outflow should also be swift – as soon as it is filled with boiling water, press down on the outlet lever immediately. This is because the outflow process of a floating cup is from top to bottom; if it is too slow, some of the impurities that were previously stirred up may attach back onto the tea leaves, defeating its purpose of washing. Don’t forget to rinse the cup after discarding the washing liquid.

4. Brewing: After washing the tea, smell the tea leaves in the inner cup, feel that the tea has been washed, and then proceed with normal brewing. At this point, unlike washing tea before, pour water gently to ensure uniformity of the tea soup.

5. Pouring out: For using elegant pot to brew tea, you need to pour out the tea quickly and completely. Press down the button of water outlet rod, and wait until all the tea liquid flow into the cup.

6. Drinking: Drink directly after the soup is served; if more people are drinking tea, it can be divided into small cups.

The benefits of brewing tea in a delicate cup are numerous. Firstly, the fragrant aroma of the tea is brought out more strongly, providing a fuller taste experience. Secondly, brewing in small cups helps to ensure that the tea does not become too strong or bitter. Finally, since these types of cups are generally made from thin porcelain, it helps to maintain the temperature of the tea for longer.

A shared set of cups can separate tea leaves and tea soup, filter automatically, and improve the defect of over-brewing and sour taste.

2. The elegant cup and traditional teaware are not ordinary, it can see the color of the tea soup that has been brewed, which makes it easier to control the concentration of the tea.

A common tea set can be used to make and drink tea together without additional tea sets, which can save tea leaves. With the same amount of tea, the brewed tea from this set is twice as much as that from a normal teapot.

The Floating Cup is very convenient and time-saving for making tea, suitable for home reception of guests, which can accommodate more than a dozen friends at the same time, without the phenomenon of not being able to brew in time.

This elegant cup is not easily absorbed by odors, maintaining its original tea scent.

It is very convenient to clean after using it. It is very convenient to scoop up the tea leaves. Just tilt the inner cup downward and all the tea leaves will come out. Then add some clean water and shake it twice, then pour it all away and it will be very clean.

How to clean a porcelain cup elegantly?

To clean a porcelain cup elegantly, use warm soapy water and a soft cloth. Gently wipe the surface of the cup with the cloth until all dirt and grime are removed. Rinse off the soapy residue with clean, lukewarm water and allow it to air dry. If necessary, use a mild detergent to remove any stubborn stains or residue. For extra shine and sparkle, gently buff with a microfiber cloth or fine-grade steel wool.

After using the elegant cup for a period of time, the cup may become yellowish due to tea stains. To clean it, there are many methods. Brushing the cup with salt or toothpaste can remove the tea stains. Alternatively, put some potato peels in the cup and pour boiling water into it. Cover with lid and simmer for a few minutes, which can easily remove tea stains. The metal parts of the elegant cup may be harder to clean. You can apply acidic vinegar and wipe it for a while to clean it off. In order to prevent scratching, use a sponge or cotton swab to rub it gently.