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Friends around me asked from time to time: I want to drink tea at home, what should I buy, or set up a set of teaware for home, what kind should I buy? I found that this is really a nice wish that any novice tea lovers will have after falling in love with tea, and it’s easy to realize. Well then, today let’s make a plan. Let’s talk about what tools are needed for drinking tea at home, how to combine the tools according to taste and make the most of them.

First, let’s understand what basic items we need in order to make a pot of tea at home:
Water heater: Automatic kettle, iron kettle, special tea-making kettle and so on. In short, its existence is for boiling water.
Tea Set: Necessary Things, Purple Sand Pot, Lid Bowl, Elegant Cup.
Drinking utensils: Fair cup, tea cup, the number depends on the actual situation.
Tea Tray: an important item in the teawares. The tea tray is important because sometimes when making tea, the first water for washing cups or leaves needs to be poured out, and it is convenient to pour into the tea tray.
Cleaning supplies: Tea Towel.
Other peripherals: Six Gentlemen of the Tea Ceremony (teapot, tea spoon, tea strainer, tea ceremony book, tea clip and tea needle) , tea canister and teacup pets.
Besides the other peripherals, all the tools mentioned above are necessary if you want to make a good pot of tea at home. Then, we still think it is most scientific to classify according to budget.
Within 200 yuan
For this price range, it is better to only buy essentials to meet basic needs. For tea sets or beverage sets, it is recommended to choose porcelain or glass ones, because these materials have simple and mature craftsmanship, and can ensure the quality of tea while being inexpensive.
Water Boiler: For safety considerations, water boilers should be chosen carefully. It is suggested to buy a water boiler from a big manufacturer, which usually costs 50-60 yuan, and can be purchased either on Taobao or in supermarkets.
Tea ware: A lid for the bowl is necessary, and 1-2 cups (teacups) are recommended.
It is recommended that a simple and clean bowl around 30 yuan should be bought, without considering any colors or ceramics. It is suggested that beginners should buy bowls with wider rims, which are not easy to burn their hands.
Don’t get a purple clay teapot for covering bowls, because even the ones that are slightly usable have risen in price. I really don’t recommend buying the purple clay teapots that only cost 80 yuan in supermarkets. Not to mention their craftsmanship issues, I cannot guarantee that no chemical raw materials have been added to the mud.
You can choose porcelain cups as a simple basic style, or glass cups. Two of each set is enough, and the price should be around 20 yuan.
It is suggested to choose the basic glass cup of Gongdao Cup, with a price around 20 yuan, and there is plenty of room for selection.
It is suggested that the best material for a tea tray is bamboo, which can be found easily on Taobao. It can be obtained for under 50 yuan.
The simplest style of tea towel is suggested at around 10 yuan.
It is recommended that you go shopping on Taobao or the supermarket of the teahouse to find the above utensils. Remember to buy simple and clean basic models for practical use. If you like to drink black tea, you can buy a tea needle to pick up tea and a teapot for putting tea. If you prepare more kinds of tea, you can buy two small cans for loose-leaf tea.
500 to 800 yuan

As the days of drinking tea with friends grow longer, the requirements for tea will become higher and higher, correspondingly, the requirements for tea sets will also become higher, and aesthetic and taste will also rise. Therefore, compared to basic necessities under 200 yuan budget, the budget will be more relaxed. For this part of the increased budget, we suggest that it should mainly be applied to upgrading the main brewing device.
In this price range, the purchase of a bowl cover should be considered more carefully in terms of aesthetics. You can also choose some beautiful blue and white porcelain bowl covers according to your preferences. The price can certainly go up a notch, but not more than 500 yuan.
It is better to choose a simple and clean style for a zisha teapot. Do not pursue the full handmade one at this stage. It is enough if you can make sure that the clay is guaranteed, the lines are smooth and the water flows out well when you buy it.
Other items such as tea sets, Tea ceremony’s Six Gentlemen, and tea canisters can be bought according to the budget’s surplus in order to have more preferred and artistic appreciation. It will not be expensive, with a set coming around 100-200 yuan.
More than 3000 Yuan
At this budget, the requirements for teaware and personal taste have already gone up. So it is hard for us to give specific advice to either beginner audiophiles or you nouveau riche, because if you are willing to spend money, the entire configuration can range from big to small, it can be three zeros after 3 or countless zeros.
Maybe putting it in a teapot… A row of lenses could be exchanged for a Japanese iron pot, yeah, to boil water. Have you heard about the three generations of destitute people that ruined their lives with cameras?
Let’s change the approach and take a look at what a luxurious tea set might look like when your budget is generous.
Water Heater: Many brands have water heaters designed specifically for making tea, allowing you to configure it according to your preferences. Water heaters are divided into stoves and kettles. Let’s first look at the stoves.
The stove has electric pottery oven and induction cooker. Taiwan’s old mud electric kiln is 800 yuan and upwards, the renowned Ying Ge stoves are 2500 yuan and upwards.
Kettle for boiling water: There are kettles made of copper, iron, silver and high-temperature glass. Taiwan has a great brand for producing glass tea sets.
Taiwanese teapot: 800 yuan and above.
Small teapots: Small teapots can be bought from brands, priced by each. Of course, some friends will also find silversmiths who can make teapots and have them customized, usually for the price set by the blacksmith themselves.

Iron Kettle: Iron kettles imported from Taiwan and Japan, famous without further ado. Taiwanese old iron kettle starts at 7000 yuan, Japanese iron kettle, new iron kettle is around 8000 yuan and old iron kettle starts at 30000 yuan.
You can purchase high-level lid bowls, such as hand-painted blue and white lid bowls, or you can purchase purple sand pots. If the purple sand pot does not require a famous master, then 2000 or more will guarantee the quality of the mud material and be completely handmade, with smooth modeling. As for handmade, the price will skyrocket. Of course, purple sand pots ranging from three to five thousand to ten thousand is not a dream. If you pursue an ancient pot, it will take you flying!
For this stage, we recommend self-drinking cups. The material can be zisha, white porcelain, hand-painted blue and white, ru kiln, and chaihong. We should choose better quality products as much as possible and match them with the tea makers. Of course, for those who have pursuit and no lack of money, the top Ru Kiln, Jianzhan, bowl of blue and white porcelain, Mr. Liu Qinying’s Laoshiqiao, saoyun and the recently popular chaihong can all be chosen.
Fair cup selection can also be more, porcelain, blue-and-white porcelain, Ru kiln, glass, craft glass…
There are many materials for tea trays, the most common ones are bamboo and wood. A hundred pieces of bamboo will be quite good. The material of stone is better or bigger, it will cost more than a thousand.
If you give up the tea tray, and play Gongfu Tea, then we need to prepare a tea set. On the tea set, there will be teapot with wash cups, small vases for arranging flowers, and Qing Dynasty antique teapot containers.
There are many materials for tea washing, such as purple sand, pottery and porcelain. It can be matched with a pot holder of the same material, which is used to put the pot or cover the bowl. To pour water into the teapot or soak tea leaves directly, pour it into the tea washing basin.
Speaking of this, I’m sure you would want a tea companion to accompany you drinking tea, haha. It all comes down to personal preference.
If you are a beginner in tea ware, don’t buy too expensive things. Just meet the basic needs and it is enough. It’s not about the money, but if your taste and awareness have not reached the level they should be, buying good things won’t make much difference. Therefore, it is important to have a humble and respectful attitude towards these items. Do not buy what you don’t need; every item should be valuable and used to its fullest extent; this is beneficial for both parties.
That’s it! Wish everyone to buy the teaware they like and suit themselves, so that they can enjoy a cup of tea at home.