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1. Fill a teapot with hot water and allow the water to heat up the pot before filling it with tea leaves.
2. Place the teapot on top of a burner or other heat source and bring the water to a boil.
3. While the tea is boiling, heat the teacups in hot water. This helps to release any flavors that may be trapped inside them.
4. Once the tea has boiled, pour it into each teacup from a height of at least one foot above each cup. This will ensure that all of the flavor is extracted from each cup.
5. Enjoy your freshly brewed Chinese Kung Fu tea!
Kung Fu Tea is a Chinese folk tea custom. It is popular in Guangdong Chaoshan, Fujian Zhangquan and other places.Kung Fu Tea cannot be separated from tea sets. Tea sets refer to special utensils for brewing tea leaves, including pots, bowls, cups, plates and trays. A set of exquisite tea sets matched with the famous teas of color, aroma and taste can be said to complement each other. As the popularity of tea culture grows, more varieties and exquisite quality are available in teaware. Chaoshan and Shantou in Guangdong Province specialize in Kung Fu Tea, which pays particular attention to tea sets. The minimum number of tea sets used for Chaoshan Kung Fu Tea is ten.

The main concentration of tea set production in China is in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi and Dehua, Fujian. The porcelain tea sets produced in these two places account for more than 50% of the Chinese market.

Gongfu Tea ware is the most sophisticated type of tea-making equipment, hence the name gongfu which literally means “with great effort”. Preparing gongfu tea requires a certain amount of skill, hence it is called an art form of making and drinking tea. Gongfu Tea ware has been around for hundreds of years, with its origins being in places such as Guangdong Province. Over time, it has been disseminated to many other regions.

How to arrange Kung Fu teaware?

Kung fu teaware is the most exquisite type of tea brewing set. Not only it requires a certain way to make tea, but also an arrangement that needs to abide by certain rules. It should include:

The layout of Kung Fu tea sets must be reasonable and beautiful, and there should be a sense of hierarchy and line changes. After each use, they should be arranged neatly, and all kinds of teaware and cups should be washed clean. Do not mess them up.

When arranging Kung Fu tea sets, the teapot and teacup should be placed in an orderly manner, following the principle of balance and avoiding any obstruction. If there is any obstruction, arrange them from low to high, placing the lower Kung Fu tea set such as the teacup in front of the guests.

In terms of tea ceremony etiquette, if high tea set is placed in front of the guest, not only it will be lack of hospitality, but also cause inconvenience for guests to take things.

When arranging Kung Fu tea sets, one should also pay attention to the order and techniques of each tea set in the suit. Generally speaking, the order of arranging Kung Fu tea sets is from left to right, and the height of the tea sets is arranged according to the principle of front low and back high.

When arranging the teaware such as teapot, kettle and cup in the Kung Fu tea set, the spout of the teaware should not be facing the guests, to show respect to them. Meanwhile, the patterns on the teapot and teacup should be set neatly and face the guests.

5. It is necessary to place undamaged Kung Fu tea sets, and never place tea sets with defects or damage to entertain guests, which will not only be impolite; from the perspective of Feng Shui, it will also be detrimental to the host.

If there is a sofa in the place where Kung Fu tea sets are put, it should be the main focus, and the tea table should be secondary. The tea table should not be larger or higher than the sofa; a tea table lower than the knee should be chosen. Sitting on the sofa, if the height of the tea table does not exceed the knee, it is most ideal. In addition, enough space must be left between the arrangement of the tea table and sofa; otherwise it will cause many inconveniences and will not look good.

A set of Kung Fu tea sets includes instructions on how to use each tea set. For instance, when making tea with a teapot, fill it with boiling water and put in the desired amount of tea leaves. When making tea with a gaiwan, warm up the cup and lid with hot water before pouring in the hot water into the chamber. Finally, when drinking from Yixing teaware, pour your tea quickly and finish it all in one gulp.

Answer: The usage of teacups: Fill the teacup with hot tea and hold it by the handle. Carefully bring the cup to your mouth and sip the tea.

There is a wide variety and size of teacups. Different types of tea should be served in different cups. In recent years, the cup for smelling the aroma of tea has become very popular. According to the shape and color of the teapot, choose the appropriate teacup to match it, which can also be quite aesthetic. For easy appreciation of the color of tea soup and easy cleaning, it is best to glaze inside the cup, preferably white or light color. For cup requirements, it is best to be comfortable when “grasping” and “taking”, “close to mouth” comfortably and “entering mouth” smoothly.

The usage of a strainers is as follows: Firstly, insert the strainer into the cup. Secondly, pour tea or coffee from a high place into the cup. Finally, remove the strainer after all tea or coffee has been poured out.

The tea strainer is used when making tea, placed on the spout of the teapot, to guide the tea into the pot and prevent leaves from spilling outside.

The usage of the bowl cover: Place the bowl cover securely over the bowl. Lift up a corner of the cover and hold it up with one hand while pushing down on the middle with your other hand. This will create a tight seal to keep food warm and prevent spills.

A teacup or cover cup is composed of three parts: the teacup, the bowl cover and the saucer. Put three grams of tea into the cup and pour in water. Cover it for five to six minutes before drinking. When making tea with this method, usually one steep is enough; no more than two should be made.

The usage of tea tray: Firstly, rinse the tray with warm water to remove possible dirt or dust; Secondly, place the items you need such as teapot, cup, and tealeaves on the tray; Lastly, carry the tea tray with both hands.

A plate used to hold teacups or other tea sets, to contain the tea that is spilled or poured out during the process of making tea. It can also be used to place the teacup. Tea plates come in plastic and stainless steel and various shapes such as round and rectangular.

5. The usage of tea:
1. Heat the water to 80-90 degrees Celsius and pour it into a cup or tea pot.
2. Place the tea leaves in the cup or teapot, then add the hot water.
3. For green tea, steep for 1-2 minutes; for oolong tea, steep for 3-4 minutes; and for black tea, steep for 4-5 minutes.
4. Pour the tea into separate cups and enjoy!

Tea pots are utensils used to prepare tea; they are generally made of bamboo.

The usage of tea strainer:
1.Pour a cup of hot water into the teapot and add some tea leaves.
2.Put the teapot lid on top and fill the tea strainer with the loose tea leaves.
3.Place the tea strainer in the spout of the teapot and pour hot water over it until nearly full.
4.When finished, take off and clean the strainer to use again if desired.

Also known as “tea chopsticks,” tea strainers serve the same purpose as a teaspoon and can be used to scoop tea leaves from a pot. It is also often used for washing cups, avoiding heat and ensuring hygiene.

7. Usage of Tea Towel: Tea towels are used for drying dishes, wiping counters, and cleaning up bread crumbs or spills. They can also be used to wrap up warm baked goods or cheese.

Tea cloth, also known as “tea cloth”, is mainly used to dry the pot. Before brewing tea, it can be used to wipe off the water residue at the bottom of the teapot or tea sea, and also to wipe off the spilled tea water on the table.

Usage of teapins:
1. Insert the teapin into the teapot filled with boiling water.
2. Gently stir the pins to help disperse the tea leaves.
3. After a few minutes, remove the pins and enjoy your tea!

The function of a tea needle is to clear the inner network (hive) of a teapot, so as to keep the water flowing smoothly.

The usage of the water boiler:
1. Fill the boiler with cold water, making sure not to exceed the maximum level indicated on the body.
2. Connect the power supply and turn it on.
3. The device will automatically heat up and an indicator light will be turned on when it reaches boiling point.
4. When you want to switch off the device, press the switch off button or unplug it from the socket.

In ancient times, people used a fire stove to make tea. At present, the most common ones are alcohol lamps and electric kettles. In addition, there are also gas stoves and electric water heaters. I use an automatic electric stove.

The usage of tea canister:

1. Put the desired quantity of tea leaves into the canister and close the lid.
2. Boil some water in a kettle or pot and pour it into a teapot or cup.
3. Place the teapot or cup over the canister and wait for 3 to 5 minutes before drinking.
4. When you are done with your tea, open the lid and discard any remaining tea leaves in your trash bin.

The containers used to store tea leaves must be odorless, airtight and lightproof, with materials such as tinplate, stainless steel, tin-alloy and ceramics.

Instructions for Using a Tea Boat:
1. Fill the tea boat with water to the designated line.
2. Place your desired tea leaves in the inner filter of the tea boat.
3. Connect the power supply and press down on the switch to heat up the water.
4. Once boiling, turn off the switch and place the lid over the top of the tea boat so that the steam will steep your tea leaves.
5. After steeping for 3-5 minutes, lift off the lid and pour into individual cups or teapots for serving.

A container used to hold a teapot, in which tea leaves are put and boiling water is poured. After pouring the boiling water into the teapot, it is then poured down from above the teapot to warm it. The boiled water can also be used to wash tea cups. It is also known as a tea pool or pot carrier, and its common functions are generally: holding hot water for scalding cups, holding overflowing tea from the pot, and keeping warm.

Twelve: How to use a teapot

The sea of tea, also known as a teacup or Gōngdàobēi, is used to serve tea. After the tea in the teapot is steeped to the desired strength, it is poured into the sea of ​​tea and then poured into small teacups to ensure an even strength of the tea. A strainer can also be placed on top of the sea of ​​tea to filter out any sediment or tea leaves. When there is no special sea of ​​tea, the teapot can also be used. Its general function is mainly to hold brewed tea and pour it into each cup so that each cup has a similar strength of tea and settle down any sediment.

The usage of teaspoon: teaspoon is used to measure and stir food or drink, such as coffee, tea or soup.

A teaspoon is also called a “tea scoop”, shaped like a soup spoon so it is called a teaspoon. Its main purpose is to scoop tea leaves out of a brewed teapot, as tea leaves tend to tightly pack the teapot after brewing, and due to the small opening of most teapots, using hand to dig out tea leaves is neither convenient nor hygienic, thus a teaspoon is used.

14. How to Use Cha He

Cha He is a traditional Chinese medicine which can be used in many ways: taking it orally, making an external application, steaming or frying it and inhaling its vapors. Taking it orally is the most common way and involves adding some of the powder to boiled water and drinking it as tea. For external applications, Cha He can be mixed with other herbs for compresses, poultices and plasters. Frying or steaming the herbs can also create a vapor that is inhaled for treatment purposes.

The function of a tea scoop is similar to that of a tea strainer or tea infuser, which are all tools for making tea, but the tea scoop also serves as an ornament. Its main purpose is to move the tea leaves from the canister to the teapot. It is mainly made of bamboo and it is both practical and can be used as an artwork, killing two birds with one stone. When there is no tea scoop available, thick cardboard can be folded into the shape of a tea scoop for use.