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From the external appearance of the pot, it can be seen that

For a long time people have been used to drinking directly from the spout of a teapot, and often on its surface you’ll see a mix of white and yellow. What is it? I can tell you: it’s a mixture of salt and saliva. We all know that purple clay teapots have strong absorbent properties, so if you use your mouth to drink from them often, inevitably their spouts will absorb the salt and saliva in your mouth, since many people are accustomed to using the teapot after a meal.

This purple sand pot which has been used for a long time cannot form a real “coating” on the spout. You have wiped off the “mixed colors of white and yellow”, but with time, this color will come back.

Examining human tastes and the context of the era,

People who drink tea directly from the spout of a purple clay pot with their mouth may feel convenient and cool. However, in my opinion, it is not so. We should both keep traditional customs and move with the times on traditional things. If you take a purple clay pot to your lips to drink tea nowadays, many people may think that it is vulgar, tasteless and lack of manners. If you want convenience, you can use a large purple clay mug to brew your tea. In this era, drinking tea from a purple clay pot is not only for drinking tea but also for savoring the charm it brings.

Some people say: in the past, many people directly drink tea from a purple sand pot with their mouths, why do you have to say so much when I come to drink? In the past, no matter rich or poor, each household in Northeast China had a Kang bed, which was an indispensable part of the life of Northeasterners. But now, no matter in cities or countryside, kang beds are rarely seen. They all use heating and air conditioning. If you still want to use kang bed to miss the feeling it brings to you, you can try to install one in your own apartment during decoration. However, you cannot solve problems such as fuel and smoke emission for kang bed.

People’s understanding and judgment of taste is also constantly improving and sublimating. What was considered very tasteful in the past may be considered vulgar now. In the past, in big Shanghai, men combing their hair into a plane shape and then applying a thick layer of oil was a fashionable and tasteful way to dress. But if you do this nowadays, do you think people around you will still say that you have good taste?

Times are changing, so our understanding of lifestyle habits and tastes should also change. Adhering to truth is a virtue; following the rules blindly is foolishness.

From a health and sanitation perspective

Drinking tea directly from the mouth of a purple-clay teapot seems convenient, but it allows saliva and food residue from your mouth to enter the teapot. Common practices among tea friends dictate that the inside of the pot should not be cleaned, maintaining the “tea mountain” on the inner walls of the pot. However, these saliva and food residues will accumulate over time in the teapot. Do you think this is hygienic?

The teapot which is used to directly drinking from the spout is difficult to keep fresh overnight in a dog days of summer. If you don’t believe it, you can get one and test it for yourself.

Drinking directly from the pot is not convenient for testing the temperature of tea water in the pot. A slight negligence may burn your mouth and tongue with hot tea.

From the perspective of collecting value, purple sand teapots are valuable.

Purple sand pot is both a practical item and an artwork. Many purple sand pots have collection value, at least the best clay of purple sand pot will become less and less when used. The real value of a purple sand pot may not be reflected in your hands, but in your descendants. The value of art reappears in the process of transferring the art piece. A famous calligraphy and painting hanging on your wall is just a decoration, just a paper with content. You only have to transfer it and it can reflect its true value, can change into valuable currency, then you will really know how much it is worth.

A purple sand tea pot which was used for drinking directly from mouth for a long time, if you want to transfer it out, the one who takes it over might hesitate: from the appearance of the pot, we can tell that it was drunk directly by mouth and we don’t even know what kind of illness caused its last drinker to die……the more thinking about it, the more awkward it feels. So even though this pot might not be absolutely impossible to transfer out, the difficulty in transferring will increase and the person who receives it may use this as an excuse to lower your asking price.

As for each of the points mentioned above, personally I would suggest that tea drinkers should not drink tea directly from a purple clay pot’s spout if it is not necessary or there is no appropriate condition to do so, or if it does not belong to one’s own preference and habit.