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Cover bowl tea set is a kind of tea set widely used in life. Many people like to use a cover bowl to make tea. There are many kinds of cover bowl, including personal ones used for direct tea drinking, multi-person ones for making tea, and collections. Therefore, different cover bowls have different uses. If it is just a normal cover bowl for making tea, then it can be used for various kinds of teas. If there is emphasis on the distinction between teas for enjoying different tastes, then separate bowls can be used.

Covering the bowl is suitable for making what tea?

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Red tea

The lid bowl can be used to brew red tea such as Zhengshan Xiaozhong, Jinjunmei, Dian Hong and Qihong. Especially when using porcelain lid bowl to brew red tea, it is more convenient to observe the color of the tea soup and control the concentration of the tea soup. When brewing red tea with lid bowl, you can use circle-drawing water injection method, that is, use circle-drawing water injection method along the wall of the lid bowl. The amount of tea leaves for brewing should be controlled at 5-6 grams. In addition, when brewing red tea, many tea friends think that the temperature should not be too high, about 90 ° C is enough. However, in fact, high-quality red tea can also be brewed with boiling water.

Green tea

Actually, it is more suitable to brew green tea with a transparent glass cup, such as West Lake Longjing, Biluochun, Huangshan Maofeng and Xinyang Maojian; but it is also possible to brew green tea with a covered bowl. When brewing, pour the boiling water along a spiral shape in clockwise or counterclockwise direction to let the tea leaves roll fully, resulting in a richer taste. For green tea brewed in covered bowls, most people usually hold the covered bowl directly and drink alone like Chengdu covered bowl tea; it can also be shared by pouring into public cups for multiple people.

Black tea

Cover bowl is more suitable for brewing oolong tea, such as Tieguanyin, Wuyi rock tea and Phoenix single bush. When making tea, you can pour water in circles or in one spot. When pouring in one spot, it is best to keep pouring water along the wall of the covered bowl and cup. The amount of tea leaves should be controlled at about 8 grams.

Black tea

To be honest, teas like Pu’er tea, Anhua black tea and LiuPao tea have a high concentration and are suitable for brewing in large pots. However, they can also be brewed with a lid bowl. When making black tea with a lid bowl, you can use the circle-pour-water method. But due to the special production method of black tea, it is better to wash it twice in order to remove various impurities.

White tea

White tea is best brewed in a teapot, preferably with a porcelain lid, which does not absorb aroma or taste and can retain the aroma and flavor of white tea to the greatest extent. For brewing white silver needle and white peony, use the circle-filling method; for Gongmei and Shoumei, use the spiral filling method. The amount of tea used should be controlled at around 5 grams so that the taste of white tea is better. Of course, for old white tea, it can also be boiled in a pot after being brewed in a teapot.

Yellow Tea

Famous varieties of yellow tea such as Junshan Silver Needle, Mengding Yellow Bud and Huoshan Yellow Bud are generally more delicate, so boiling water is not suitable for brewing. For Junshan Silver Needle, water at about 70°C can be used for brewing. Generally transparent glass cups are used to brew yellow tea, but lid bowl can also be used. When brewing, the water should be poured onto the tea leaves in a spiral pattern following the clockwise or counterclockwise direction like green tea does so that the tea leaves are fully immersed and the taste becomes sweeter and fresher.

The benefits of steeping tea in a bowl is that it allows the tea to steep more evenly, resulting in a better flavor.

Cover bowls have a wide range of uses. As we all know, sometimes different kinds of tea require different vessels. Even the purple sand pot, which we regard as a good tea maker, will absorb the aroma and affect the taste due to its double air hole structure. Porcelain material of the cover bowl does not absorb flavor, so it has a wider application than purple sand pot.

The glazed bowl is fine in texture. Although this structure cannot fully bring out the characteristics of the tea, it can highlight the merits and demerits of the tea leaves themselves. With a glazed bowl, you can clearly distinguish the teas’ nature and taste without having any other flavors interfering with your judgement.

3. Brewing tea with a covered bowl is simple and convenient. Compared to a full set of teapots, gongdao cups and other complicated items, brewing tea with a covered bowl only requires a kettle, a bowl with cover and some tea leaves. However, if you are particular about drinking tea, other tea utensils can be added in as well. It is both complicated or simple, flexible and convenient.

4. Practical and reliable to handle. With a large and small cover on the bowl, it won’t slip easily when drinking tea. The special design makes it very stable when serving tea and not easy to scald hands.

Brewing tea with a covered bowl, also known as the “Three Wisdoms Bowl”, implies the meaning of heaven, earth and mankind, is usually used to brew oolong tea. In Wuyishan City, Fujian Province, evaluators usually use the covered bowl method when grading tea. Brewing oolong tea with a covered bowl makes it easier to observe the color and smell of the tea, so professional tea masters prefer to use this method.