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Nowadays more and more people are enjoying drinking tea.

It is not only a traditional lifestyle, but also a pursuit of spiritual realm.

So what should be prepared on the tea table?

Today let’s have a chat with everyone.

A tea table must have.

A purple sand clay teapot.

Zisha teapots are known as the leader of tea ware, most suitable for brewing tea.

The tea pot is not only leak-proof, but also has good breathability and retains the original flavor when brewing tea.

The fragrance does not dissipate, one can get the true aroma and taste of tea, making tea more beneficial.

Fair Cup, Pot

Nowadays, the fair cup is often used to divide tea, which meets the needs of drinking tea for its efficacy.

For example, when Tie Guan Yin or Oolong Tea is brewed in a purple clay teapot, each time the tea soup needs to be filtered and poured out. This requires a container to hold the tea soup.

A pot of Pu’er tea, the concentration of the tea water poured out before and after is obviously different. If there is another container that can hold the tea water, it can mix the tea water before and after fully. The fair cup can play this role.

In addition, pouring tea into the fair cup can quickly reduce the temperature of the tea and make the fine tea leaves settle, ensuring that the tea soup distributed to each friend’s cup is clear and bottom.

Host cup, guest cup

Master’s cup, as the name implies, is one’s own tea cup, and the use of the master’s cup can reflect one’s personal taste and character.

Guest cups are used for entertaining guests, usually with the same style and material, such as porcelain, celadon and purple sand.

Tea tray

Damp tea sea, dry pot accept.

Tea tray is a shallow vessel for holding teapot, tea cups, tea sets and even tea snacks.

There are single-layer and double-layer styles: the single-layer is usually connected to the teapot drainage with a plastic tube, while the double-layer usually appears in the form of a drawer, which can hold waste water and then pour it out.

Soak gyoza with a large bowl of tea to make them softer; you can pour tea directly into the bowl.

A dry pot stand is a small pot holder with various styles, but usually small and mostly single-layered.

Tea Strainer

It can effectively filter out the tea residue in the tea soup, maintain the smooth taste and bright color of the tea soup, and greatly enhance the pleasure of drinking tea.

Tea Towel

A tea cloth is essential on the tea table, used to wipe dry the teaware and keep it clean and dry.

Note: Do not confuse the towel used to wipe the desktop with the one to sprinkle tea water.

Tea canister

Store tea and wake up tea, take it or use it as needed, the tea table must be prepared.

If tea cakes, tangerine pu’er, etc. are served, a tea knife should be prepared to cut the tea.

A tea table should be prepared with all necessary items.

Tea Pet.

Tea pets are the playthings on the tea table, which become tender and lovable over time. Their aroma of tea is strong and they are deeply loved by those who enjoy drinking tea.

Tea ceremony six gentlemen.

The Six Gentlemen of the Tea Ceremony are traditional Japanese artistic ideals that embody the spirit of tea drinking. The six include the scholar, the artist, the artisan, the gardener, the warrior, and the poet. Each gentleman represents a particular type of beauty or aesthetics that is found in tea making and ceremony. The Scholar is associated with wisdom; the Artist conveys beauty through grace; the Artisan is skilled in craftsmanship;the Gardener captures nature’s bounty;the Warrior brings strength and courage; and lastly,the Poet expresses emotion through song or literature. Together they represent the ideal harmony and balance of all aspects of life that can be achieved through tea ceremony.

The Six Gentlemen of the Tea Ceremony refer to: 1. Plum Blossom (梅) 2. Orchid (兰) 3. Bamboo (竹) 4. Chrysanthemum (菊) 5. Seaweed (苔) 6. Maple (枫).

Spoon, needle tea, strainer, clip tea, rules of tea, tea bucket

Generally speaking, it is commonly used in tea art. If you are particular about drinking tea, you can also match it.

Note: I personally think the tea strainer is essential.

I personally believe that a tea strainer is essential.

Fragrant Insertion

Drinking tea and burning incense, collecting one’s spirit and calming the mind, is also a very special atmosphere.

Bowl of water

Essential tea ware is a must, and the selection mostly consists of teaware and ornamental items.