Japanese High Borosilicate Glass Octagonal Tea Pot with Loop Handle and Hammer-Paint Finish


Material: High borosilicate
With the function of boiling water: No

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Exquisite workmanship, combination of art and savour

After the raw material of high borosilicate glass is heated to 1,000 ℃ for softening, experienced craftsmen blow air into it through iron pipes to make it expand into utensils.

Mouth diameter about 9.5cm
Height about 18cm
Length about 17cm
Capacity about 600ml

This high-borosilicate glass filter liner teapot glass teapot is the ideal combination of style and functionality, featuring an octagonal shape with an ergonomic loop handled design to allow easy pouring. Perfect for health-conscious tea lovers looking to fully experience their favorite blend!

The unique octagonal shape allows more surface area for water and tea leaves to interact, leading to improved extraction of flavor and taste. Its elegant hammer paint finish adds a stylish touch that complements kitchen decor seamlessly, and the loop handled design makes pouring liquid effortless without spillage. Crafted from high-borosilicate glass known for its durability and heat resistance makes this teapot an excellent way to bring hot water or milk quickly to boil!

This teapot features several features that set it apart from others:
High borosilicate glass construction ensures durability and heat resistance; an octagonal shape allows more surface area for flavor extraction, and the elegant Hammer painted finish adds an elegant look to any kitchen decor.
Loop handle design ensures comfortable pouring, while stainless steel filter keeps tea free from sediment or impurities. Affordable and simple to use, everyone can appreciate its benefits!

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