Yixing Dark-Red Enameled Porcelain Handmade Teapot


Material: Sesame mud
Surface technics: Manual
Origin: Yixing


At first glance, the whole pot looks like a noodle jar in ancient times. The whole pot has a strong ancient charm and a very elegant style. It is made of crude ore Purple mud, delicate and soft, thick color, deep foundation, double-sided engraving more interesting, high practical value. Arch bridge shaped pot button, gentle slope, slightly bulging pot cover, refreshing curved flow, better water cut-off, square ring handle, comfortable to handle.

The lid of the pot is like a disc. The neat lid fits the spout of the pot. It is suitable in size and easy to clean; The bridge button adds a poetic flavor, which is quite meaningful; Two curved spouts, water outlet is smooth and water collect smoothly; Ear shaped handle, smooth lines from top to bottom, rich in changes, so good grip; The body of the pot is elegant and graceful.

Pot length:14.5CM
Mouth diameter:7.5CM
Total height:8.1CM

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Weight 0.7 kg


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