• by vinux

Zisha is an attitude towards life–no striving, no restlessness, no rashness. You can tire your body, but keep your heart calm and quiet. Being idle is a state of mind–not being concerned with trivial matters, not comparing oneself with others, forgetting without regret, having the courage to let go; a person of great leisure will be at ease in their heart.

Amid the coolness of summer and witheredness of one place, no words of shame or tenderness are uttered. From within comes a faint aroma of wine and tea, simmered in illusionary nothingness. In tranquil and serene moments I take up an emaciated brush pen and write some graceful poetry with it, treating my hunger with these words. At times I wander along the white-sand riverside in a drizzle; at times I gallop on the reed-filled banks at twilight, letting my thoughts sink into oblivion.

Recite a poem by PiMo, appreciate the lotus before Buddha, quietly, silently, let the mind enter into meditation. In this way, gradually a scent permeates, a sweet scent wafts out… fleeting moments yet warm and tender. Embrace tranquility and peace of mind with a heart’s simple brushstrokes to capture the fragrance of passing years. Listen to the wind chant, keep a peaceful heart free from sorrow.

Thank you for understanding life, listening to the beauty of the years, heading towards warmth and waiting for the flowers to bloom. Fragrance and drops of ink are used as gestures, and clear wind and inkstone are used as a pool. The curtain is lightly cold and the flowers have not been fully bloomed yet, half-containing morning rain when magnolias come out. Just like a warm sun lingering gently in front of the window, tasting tea is like tasting life – drinking tea quiets your heart, realizing life cleanses your soul.

Burning incense: Not smoke one sees, but one’s own state of mind.

Arranging flowers: In life, seek the beauty of simplicity. Be humble, have moderation, and avoid contention and rivalry.

All natural, all out of the ordinary, all entering into a deep and distant realm of beauty. It is like a tasteless yet flavorful cup of tea.