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1. Place a tea infuser or teabag into an empty cup.
2. Boil some water and pour it over the tea, filling the cup about three-quarters full.
3. Let the tea steep according to instructions on the packaging, usually 3-5 minutes.
4. Remove the infuser or teabag and enjoy your tea!
A cover bowl is a commonly used teaware in life. Brewing tea with a cover bowl can help to appreciate its color and smell, which is also simple and easy to learn at the same time, avoiding the annoyance of clogging kettle spouts. This method also has many advantages. Now let us understand the steps for brewing tea with a cover bowl—only mastering the correct steps can make a cup of delicious tea soup.

Steps for Steeping Tea in a Lidded Bowl:

1. Boil water in a pot and pour it into the lidded bowl.
2. Place your loose leaf tea or tea bags into the bowl, ensuring that they are fully submerged in the hot water.
3. Put the lid onto the bowl to keep your tea warm and let it steep for 3-5 minutes, depending on how strong you want your tea.
4. Once your tea is ready, carefully remove the lid and strain your tea into cups or a teapot using a strainer or sieve. Enjoy!

The first step is to wash the dishes.

Before each infusion, the teacup should be rinsed with boiling water; cleaning and disinfecting the lid of the cup while also increasing its temperature.

The second step is to set the tea.

According to the actual situation (whether it is for multiple people or individual use), put in an appropriate amount of tea leaves. If it is for individual use, we suggest putting 1-2 grams of tea leaves. For multiple people, the amount can be adjusted according to the number of people. In addition, adjustments can be made according to personal taste.

Third step, brew.

Add hot water at the appropriate temperature and cover the cup to steep. The temperature of the hot water usually depends on the type of tea being brewed.

Step 4, Enjoy the drink!

After steeping for enough time, open the lid, gently stir the tea soup with the lid, and admire the color of the tea soup and the beautiful posture of the tea leaves after unfolding. Put the lid obliquely on the bowl and leave a gap that is large enough to pour out water and pour out the tea soup before drinking it.

Precautions for using a cup to brew tea:
1. Be sure to use clean water, otherwise the flavor of the brewed tea will be affected.
2. Place the tea leaves into the cup, but do not overfill it as this may cause spilled tea or boiling water scalding.
3. After pouring hot water in, cover with lid and wait for about three minutes before drinking.

Water intake

The maximum amount of water for covering a bowl should be appropriate to the arc outside the opening of the bowl. Too much water should be avoided. In this way, the water will be sealed over the lid after covering, ensuring sealing performance. There will also be space left which prevents scalding and ensures hygiene as hands won’t get in contact with the water.

Dive into hot water method

Use your thumb, index finger and middle finger to pinch the rim of the bowl, press the cover button with your middle finger and naturally retract your little finger. When pouring the soup, keep the water outlet at the center of the bowl rim between your thumb and index fingers without deviation in order to avoid scalding your fingers by hot water leaking from the sides. Also pay attention to the steam from behind the lid, between it and the rim of bowl. Bend your wrist when putting on the lid so that its rear part is put backwards to give a way for steam outlet; do not cover it with entire palm in case of being burned by vapor.

Note that there are large and small lids for bowls, so you should choose one that works for you. If the lid is too big or heavy, it is not easy to hold with one hand and the hot water will stay in the bowl for too long, which not only burns your hands but also affects the taste of the tea soup. If the lid is too small, it is easy to pour in too much water and make the tea soup spill out, raising the temperature of the rim of the bowl. The right size lid should be easy to hold and grip in order to ensure a smooth pouring of tea as well as reduce chances of burning hands.