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The art of Zisha teapot has a long history, not only its material and craftsmanship are unique, but also it has a deep cultural heritage.
During the first Purple Sand Art Festival, eleven activities will be held, including a master forum on purple sand art, an exhibition of Ming and Qing purple sand pieces, a live appraisal of purple sand collections, a live performance of making purple sand pieces, evaluation of participating works, an auction of exhibited purple sand pieces, a meeting between purple sand producers and sellers, a themed activity named “Chinese Soul”, and a tea art performance with purple sand vessels.
The Purple Sand Art Festival aims to let more people understand the culture and art of purple sand, promote exchanges and cooperation among Henan tea merchants, purple sand distributors and purple sand makers, establish and expand professional channels for selling and collecting purple sand in Henan, build a bridge between producers and markets, clarify the value and evaluation standards of purple sand, let more people reach the level of making correct value judgments independently with the help of professional institutions, familiarize with and master the evaluation standards, make the purple sand art beyond practicality and achieve ornamental value as well as investment collection.
Yixing purple clay has a long history, not only in its unique material and craftsmanship, but also its deep cultural connotations. Yixing purple clay has been renowned at home and abroad for hundreds of years with its simple, elegant and vivid artistic modeling. In addition to the long history and prosperous tea culture history in art, the masterpieces of Yixing purple clay handed down from generation to generation have also shown the glorious artistic characteristics of purple clay craftsmanship. Purple Clay culture is all-round, it is an important part of traditional Chinese culture and art, especially ceramic culture and ceramic art. It shows the profound Chinese purple clay pottery culture with its unique style. With the development of people’s cultural and artistic life, people’s pursuit of beauty in art is endless. The creation of Yixing craft ceramics inspired by nature forms gives rise to more abundant themes.
This year’s Purple Sand Art Festival perfectly combines the culture of Central Plains with that of Yixing’s Purple Sand, promoting the development of the tea industry and facilitating economic and cultural exchange between the two places.