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1. Transparent – It allows you to see the tea leaves and water steeping in the cup, creating an aesthetically pleasing experience.
2. Enhanced Flavor – Glass teaware is known to bring out the full flavors of tea, allowing you to enjoy it to its fullest potential.
3. Non-corrosive – Unlike other materials such as ceramic or metal, glass does not corrode and will not cause a metallic taste in your tea.
4. Versatility – Glass teaware can be used for any type of tea; from green tea to oolong and even herbal infusions.
Glass teaware is mainly suitable for: herbal tea, black tea, green tea, Pu’er tea, fruit tea, health tea and craft flower tea, as well as coffee series. It has a high ornamental value and interestingness.

Glass teaware for making tea has the following characteristics:
1. Heat and sound insulation: Glass is a kind of solid with no air inside, so it is good at heat and sound insulation.
2. Safety and environmental protection: BPA-free, lead-free, safe to use.
3. Easy to clean: The surface of glass is smooth, without pores, easy to clean without residues.
4. Transparency: The transparency of glass can be used to observe the situation of brewing tea in real time.
5. Durability: High temperature resistance and durability make glass not easy to break than other materials like porcelain or ceramics

Materials that are heat resistant: Can be heated with candle alcohol.

2. High Transparency: Transparent glass material, which can directly see through the brewing process and appreciate the beauty of tea leaves/flowers/fruits expanding.

3. Original Flavor Reproduction: Due to the characteristics of glass without small pores, it will not absorb the flavor of flower tea, so that you can taste 100% original flavor, and it is easy to clean without leaving any residual taste.

Elegant shape: Designed specifically for brewing flower tea, the crystal-clear texture allows you to appreciate the light color of flowers and tea, and fully enjoy the pleasure of drinking tea.

Brewing tea with glass teaware, the vivid color of the tea soup, the tenderness and softness of the tea leaves, how the leaves move up and down during the whole brewing process, and how they gradually unfold can all be seen at a glance. It can be said to be a dynamic art appreciation. Especially when brewing various famous teas, the glass of teaware is crystal clear, misty in the cup, clear and green, buds blooming one by one and standing elegantly. Looking at it is pleasing to both eyes and heart, with its own charm.

Glass teaware is suitable for brewing which tea?

High-grade famous tea, especially green tea, should be brewed in a transparent glass cup. While brewing the tea, you can enjoy the color and shape of the tea, creating a special pleasure when drinking.

Green tea can be brewed with a porcelain teacup or teapot; jasmine tea can be brewed and consumed in the form of covered bowl tea.

Red tea, especially broken red tea, should be brewed in a high glass cup to make the red and bright tea soup even more attractive. Red tea can also be brewed with a teapot and then drunk from a coffee cup. When drinking it, sugar or milk can be added at will, similar to drinking coffee, giving it an extra “western” flavor. High-end red teas can also be brewed in beautifully decorated teapots such as Junhong, Jihong or Guangcai.

Brew Oolong tea with Purple Sand teaware and drink it with a small teacup. Alternatively, warm ceramic teaware can be used for brewing Oolong tea. After adding boiling water and covering, the intense aroma of the tea can be retained.

Glass tea sets are mainly suitable for tea such as grass flowers, black tea, green tea, Pu’er tea, fruit tea, health tea and craft flower tea. They have high ornamental and interesting features. If you like to appreciate the color of the brewed tea soup, the appearance of the tea leaves and the floating scene when brewing the tea leaves, then glass teapots are your better choice.