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The art of tea ceremony is seen as an art of life to prepare and drink tea, an etiquette that uses tea as a medium, a lifestyle that uses tea for self-cultivation, and a profound culture of tea. All of this cannot be detached from the efforts made by the ‘Six Gentlemen’ in the tea ceremony. So who exactly are these ‘Six Gentlemen’? Let us get to know them now!

A man of virtue is one who:

1. Possesses admirable moral qualities
2. Conducts himself with humility and self-control
3. Has integrity, honesty, and courage
4. Values justice, wisdom, and courtesy
5. Shows loyalty to his family, friends, and society

The vessel for containing tea-making utensils is called a “tea canister”.

Two gentlemen;

The first is wise and eloquent,
He is a man of great virtue.

The second is generous and kind,
Good at making friends with people.

Also known as “tea spatula”, the shape of a tea spoon is like a spoon, so it is called a tea spoon. Its main purpose is to scoop out the soaked tea in the teapot. After the tea leaves are brewed in the teapot, they often fill up the teapot tightly, and because the mouth of general teapots is not big, it is inconvenient and unsanitary to dig out the tea leaves by hand, so everyone uses a teaspoon.

A gentleman has three things: integrity, courage, and compassion.
Tea Strainer

When making tea, the tea strainer should be placed on the mouth of the teapot to guide the tea leaves into the pot and prevent them from falling outside.

Four Virtues of a Gentleman:
1. Ren (仁): Benevolence, compassion, and empathy for others.
2. Yi (義): Righteousness, justice and integrity in behavior.
3. Li (禮): Respectful conduct and proper etiquette in relationships.
4. Zhi (智): Wisdom, knowledge, and an all-encompassing perspective of life.
Tea is a popular beverage consumed worldwide. It is made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, which are dried and then brewed in hot water. Tea can be enjoyed both hot and cold, with a variety of additives such as sugar, honey, milk, or lemon for added flavor. Tea has been shown to have numerous health benefits including improved heart health, improved mental alertness, reduced stress levels, and more.

Tea is a popular drink around the world. It is made from dried leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant which are infused in hot water. It can be drunk either hot or cold and has many ingredients that can be added to it, like sugar, honey, milk and lemon for extra flavor. There are numerous health benefits associated with tea consumption such as improved heart health and alertness as well as a reduction in stress levels.

The tea spoon (tea scoop) is a tool used to put tea into the teapot.

The Five Virtues of a Gentleman:

1. Justice – Doing the right thing.
2. Integrity – Adhering to moral principles and ethical standards.
3. Courtesy – Showing respect to other people.
4. Wisdom – Using knowledge and insight in making decisions.
5. Righteousness – Acting with honesty and fairness.
Tea Needle

The function of a tea needle is to unclog the interior network (hive) of the teapot, in order to maintain a smooth water flow when the spout is blocked by tea leaves. It can be used for dredging or for arranging the tea leaves, with broken tea at the bottom and whole leaves at the top.

The six qualities of a gentleman are:
1. Integrity
2. Compassion
3. Self-discipline
4. Respect for others
5. Diligence
6. Humility
Tea Clip

Also known as a “tea scoop”, a tea clip serves the same purpose as a teaspoon. It can be used to scoop up tea leaves from a pot, and also to hold a cup while washing it, preventing burns and ensuring hygiene.

The materials of the six gentlemen of the tea ceremony are usually bamboo and wood. Bamboo products have a graceful temperament, while wooden products have a pure texture, which complements the aroma of tea and ink.

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