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1. The lid helps to maintain the heat of the tea and keep it warm for longer.
2. Porcelain is a safe material that is free from chemicals and toxins, which makes it very healthy to drink.
3. The lid also helps to keep the flavor of the tea intact and prevent oxidation.
4. It also prevents any dust or debris from getting into the tea while it steeps.
A covered bowl is suitable for steeping any type of tea, making it a versatile teaware. Unlike glass cups which are more suitable for green tea, other types of tea are less suitable. Purple clay pots are not suitable for green tea, but better for oolong and aged tea. So what are the benefits of steeping tea in a white porcelain covered bowl?

The advantages of using a porcelain lid to steep tea.

In the market, porcelain is basically dominated by Dehua porcelain, which is inexpensive and very practical to use. Even if it breaks, it won’t be too sad. Jingdezhen also has some white porcelain, which is of better quality than ordinary Dehua porcelain, but correspondingly more expensive. Tea drinkers who like white ceramic lids should take a look. There are many advantages to brewing tea with white porcelain. It is the most economical and practical material for lids, and brewing tea with white porcelain makes it easy to view tea soup and taste tea leaves. White matches and is beautiful but not expensive. Also, the white porcelain lid dissipates heat quickly, so it won’t overheat the tea leaves. Not only does the tea taste good, but it’s also relatively simple to operate.

How to choose a porcelain lid bowl?

Choose size

Most teapots generally range from 100-150ML, and the most suitable ones are between 130ML-145ML. Many people also pay attention to details when making tea; after brewing tea with a teapot, no water should be left in the cup when pouring tea, otherwise it will be bitter; also choose the size according to the number of cups you want to serve; Generally, female friends have small hands, so when selecting teapots, try to select smaller styles so that they can be more comfortable to use.

2. Thickness selection

If you want to brew Pu’er tea, it is recommended to choose a thicker lid bowl as Pu’er is resistant to brewing, and still has a pleasant aroma after seven or eight brewings. For red tea and green tea, it is suggested to select a thinner lid bowl as the transparency of such bowl will allow for clearer observation of color and shape. Additionally, it would not be hot even after long-term use. A thinner lid bowl leads to less heat absorption and better heat dissipation.

3. Select the styling

A bowl with good shape should be round and full, with full curves, so as to facilitate water outflow.

4. Selector type

No matter whether it is white porcelain, pottery, glass, glaze or coarse sand cover bowl, they all look similar but the shapes are different. When making tea, you want the soup to come out quickly and not be stagnant. Therefore, higher cover bowls make the water flow in the soup chamber easy to gather and not easy to scald your hands. When choosing a cover bowl, its base needs to have a depression so that it can remain stable and not tilt.

5. Not Hot to the Touch

When pouring tea, it is easy to burn oneself; therefore, when choosing a lid for the bowl, the opening along the oblique mouth must be wide and the distance from the water line should be large. When pouring tea, it is not easy to come into contact with tea water; The lid of the bowl should not be too small, and if there is too much water in the bowl, the tension of water will adsorb on the lid of the bowl, which will not facilitate soup outflow but cause tea soup spilling; The lid should not be too low either, which will make heat dissipation more difficult; Furthermore, neither should the knob of the lid be too small as it will also become hot during pouring tea and affect removal of the lid.

No matter whether it is a white porcelain lid bowl or other material lid bowl, it is beneficial to use them for brewing tea. Everyone can select the lid bowl according to their own preferences. However, when selecting, pay attention to choose one suitable for yourself.