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When it comes to tea sets, brewing tea with tea sets actually requires sophistication. Even the placement of the tea sets is also sophisticated. Tea tables became popular furniture in China after the Qing Dynasty. From paintings in the Ming Dynasty, incense tables had both the function of tea tables, and in the Qing Dynasty, tea tables were separated from incense tables and evolved into an independent new variety.

Generally speaking, tea tables are relatively small and some are even two-tiered, making them easily distinguishable from fragrant tables. During the Qing Dynasty, tea tables were rarely placed alone; they were usually placed between a pair of armchairs as a set on both sides of the hall. Because it was used as a set between chairs, its form, decoration, number of inlaid sides and materials used and color depended largely on the style of the chair.

Different shapes, materials and colors of tea tables represent different five elements and meanings, constituting an important scenery line in the feng shui of the living room.

One, Placement of Tea Table

Tea tables should be placed in a place that is convenient for the host and guests to pick up the tea cup. If there are chairs or sofas around, it is best to place the tea table in front of them, which can provide convenience for guests to put down cups when having a chat.

Select a tea table, with low and flat as the principle.

Ideally, if someone is sitting on a sofa, the coffee table should not be higher than their knees. In addition, there must be enough space between the couch and the coffee table; if they are too close, it can be inconvenient.

(2) The arrangement of tea sets should be reasonable, practical and beautiful, focusing on the sense of hierarchy and changing lines. Placing exquisite tea sets can bring a graceful leisurely feeling to the living room.

The process of arranging the teapot and teacup should be orderly, balanced on both sides, and try to avoid obstruction.

If there is an obstruction, arrange in order from low to high, with the lower tea utensils such as cups placed in the forefront of the guest’s line of sight.

Second, the location of the tea table

The position of the tea table should be appropriate, which can meet both the needs of conversation with guests and functional requirements.

In the living room, the coffee table is usually placed beside or in front of the sofa.

Third, the shape of the tea table

The shape of a tea table is ideally rectangular or oval; round can also be an option.

Avoid tables with pointed corners.

Some young friends like coffee tables with unique shapes, but from the perspective of Feng Shui, too peculiar a shape is not an ideal choice in terms of Feng Shui.

Fourth, the size of the tea table

Without a doubt, the sofa is the host and the coffee table is the guest.

The sofa is higher than the mountains and the coffee table is lower than the sand and water; they must be combined together for a harmonious conformance to the principles of feng shui, where mountains and waters have feelings.

The main sofa should be large and the tea table should be small for the guests. If the size of the tea table is too big, it will take over from the main furniture, which is not a good sign. Therefore, the tea table in front of the sofa should not be too large. If there is a tea table in front of the sofa with a large area, this will be an overtaking pattern. It’s best to avoid it so that peace and harmony are preserved at home. The simplest way to resolve this issue is to replace it with a smaller tea table. This way both guest and host can cooperate harmoniously and meet feng shui requirements without affecting visual aesthetics.

Fifth, Color of Tea Table

The selection of color for the tea table should be in accordance with the preferences of the master, which will be more beneficial to the master’s luck.

For those with a wood fate, green series coffee tables can be chosen; for those with a fire fate, red and purple series coffee tables can be chosen; for those with a water fate, black and blue series colors can be chosen; for those with a gold fate, white series can be chosen; for those with an earth fate, yellow and earth yellow series can be chosen.

Sixth, the material of the tea table

According to the relationship between the five elements and the industry that the host likes, the following choices can be made:

People in creative design and performance industry are suitable for choosing wooden coffee tables.

People in politics and finance are suitable for choosing a tea table made of glass material.

People in logistics transportation and foreign trade industries adopt metal copper tea tables.

People in the education and beauty industry should choose rattan coffee tables.

People involved in real estate, catering, and medicine should choose plastic tea tables.

People often choose tea tables made of stone or wood as a symbol of peace and power to bring luck, and place them in the northwest corner to strengthen the career foundation of the host.