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Generally speaking, we use two kinds of tea sets for making tea: teapot and covered bowl. For these two kinds of tea sets, everyone has their own preferences. So for the fresh and tender tea lovers, when making tea, should they use a covered bowl or a teapot? Let’s talk about it.

The difference between a bowl and a teapot is that a bowl is usually used for holding food or liquid, while teapots are specifically designed to hold hot water for making tea. Bowls can also be used to serve soup, cereal and other items. Teapots come in many different shapes and sizes, depending on the type of tea being served. They usually have an attached lid and handle on one side.

The difference in material


Emphasize importance

Most bowls are made of ceramic, while teapots can be either ceramic or purple-clay. However, the teapot mostly used for making tea is purple-clay.

The difference in brewing methods.

Brewing tea with a lid-covered bowl allows one to adjust the angle and position of water pouring, as well as the size and strength of the flow, according to their own preference. It is also convenient for observing the color of tea and soup, as well as the bottom of leaves. Economically practical and easy to maintain, using a lid-covered bowl to brew tea reduces the impact of utensils on the mellowness of the tea soup, making it more suitable for tasting tea. However, teapots are more ergonomic with handles that do not get hot easily and make them easier to use.

Moreover, the purple sand pot has a certain adsorption, the taste of tea soup is more stable, the mellow feeling is better than the cover bowl, and the heat preservation performance of the purple sand pot is good. The quality of purple sand pot is good. In cold winter, boiling water will not be quickly cooled in the pot.

If it’s a teapot, with its small opening, heat escapes slowly and the temperature inside is retained for longer. Also, the tea will come out of the spout slower than from a covered bowl. As a result, the brewed tea might be slightly different.

Second, choose teaware according to the type of tea.

Covering the bowl can be used to brew any kind of tea, but it does not mean that all teas brewed in a covered bowl will taste good.

Generally speaking, green tea, black tea and yellow tea are suitable for making with a covered bowl. They have a sweet taste and clear aroma. When brewing high-aroma teas, it is best to use a porcelain covered bowl. Because porcelain does not absorb the aroma of tea, it can perfectly present the rich and varied aromas of tea.

For example, green tea can also be brewed with a white porcelain lid. Pay attention to the water temperature when brewing, generally controlling it around 90℃. Pour in water steadily and quickly, and you can enjoy the refreshing taste of green tea.

Purple sand teapots are better suited for brewing oolong tea, black tea and Pu’er tea. These teas all require high-temperature brewing, and purple sand pots have good heat retention. Brewing with a purple sand pot will make the aroma of the tea more intense and lasting. At the same time, it does not lose its essence of tea, and can even show its mellow fragrance.

Three, choose teaware according to character.

Choose teaware that reflects your personality.

If you are a tea-lazy person, who does not like the tedious process of making tea, then the gaiwan is a perfect fit! Making tea with gaiwan is really convenient! Teas can be quickly and conveniently put into the cup, and it is also easy to clean up after brewing.

If you are worried about burning your hand when using a bowl lid, it is still recommended that you use a teapot to brew tea.