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Since the day when Beisong Jianzhan first appeared, Shu Kou Wan is the classic vessel type of Jianzhan. It was glazed black inside and outside, but in order to avoid sticking at the bottom during firing process, the outer wall usually applied only a half glaze (glaze liquid flows at high temperature, easy to show off “glaze tears”). Therefore it looks simple and solid.

The body of the lamp is covered with black glaze, neatly inlaid with silver round spots of different sizes on the glossy black glaze. It shimmers with a metallic luster, like drops of oil dripping into water, gathering and dispersing on the surface; and like a distant galaxy, stars are scattered everywhere.

The characteristics of a knotted vase: the mouth is twisted, the outer edge is concave inward, and the inner wall accordingly forms a circumferential convex ring (waterline). The Song Dynasty used knotted vases for tea ceremony, with a 12.5cm knotted vase as the standard device. From the existing unearthed and handed down pottery, knotted vases are also the most numerous.

Near the mouth of the lamp wall, there is a circular groove with a week inward recess, shallow and smooth, which is the outstanding feature of the bound mouth bowl. In Song Dynasty, tea making was popularized from top to bottom. Because the color of Jian Tea was relatively white, the dark green Jian lamp became the best accessory for tasting Jian Tea. The circle on the edge of the lamp naturally became a ruler for measuring water when making tea. Therefore, it can be said that Youdiban bound-mouth bowl is a perfect combination of aesthetic function and practical function.

The bottom of the cup is shallow, unglazed, and the ring foot reveals the natural color of iron-containing mud tire. The lines are soft and simple, and some luxurious body shapes form a sharp contrast, but they do not seem abrupt or discordant. There is a simple beauty that is naturally created.

The notable features of Jianzhan are black glaze, oil-drop spot and straight-mouth lamp. In addition to inheriting the classic glaze color and shape of antique, there is also renovation. The classical oil-drop spot is “grafted” onto new glaze color and new vessel type, such as red glazed oil-drop spot Jianzhan, black glazed oil-drop spot cover cup, pot set and tea wash etc.