da hong pao tea
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Dahongpao (one of China’s top ten famous teas) is a famous treasure in Wuyi Rock Tea (Oolong Tea) in Fujian Province. It is the most excellent quality of Wuyi Rock Tea, and it is produced in Wuyi Mountain in the southeast of Chong’an, Fujian. There are many varieties of tea trees planted in Wuyi Mountain. There are Dahongpao, Iron Luohan, White Crest, and Water Golden Turtles. In addition, there are also invisible days and golden keys named after the tea growing environment; drunk begonia named after the shape of tea trees, drunken dongbin, golden tortoise, phoenix-tail grass, etc.; golden seeds named after tea leaves, jinqian, bamboo silk, gold wicker, inverted leaves, etc. The legend of Dahongpao is very interesting. In ancient times, there was a poor scholar who went to Beijing to take the test. When passing Wuyishan, he was ill to fall on the road. Fortunately, he was seen by the old abbot of Tianxin Temple. He boiled a bowl of tea for him to drink, and he got well soon.

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